10 Positive, Supportive and Safe School Environment

The school district or school must maintain an environment that supports personal and organizational performance excellence by allowing credentialed and classified staff members the opportunity to develop and use their full potential to achieve school district and school objectives.

The district or school must provide a positive, supportive and safe school environment so all staff can foster positive, collaborative teams where professional learning, sharing and developing effective practices in the school are aligned to the strategic plans. The school staff and school district must create an appropriate culture and climate. Faculty and staff members must work within a healthy, safe environment and help maintain and improve a healthy, safe environment conducive to student learning and performance excellence.

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3301-35-05 (B) Positive, supportive and safe school environment
3326.13 Qualification and licensure of teachers
4112.02 Unlawful discriminatory practice
3301-20-01 Employment of individuals in positions that require a license and licensure of individuals with certain criminal convictions or other alternative dispositions
3319.313 Information concerning improper conduct by licensed employee
3313.666 District policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation or bullying required
3313.667 District bullying prevention initiatives


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