9 Scheduled Planning Time/Professional Development

Scheduled Planning Time

Teachers must be given sufficient time to design their work, evaluate student progress, hold conferences and participate in team planning. This team planning time will be used to develop lesson plans, engage in professional development and share learning experiences. The requirements apply to full-time equivalent classroom teachers assigned to a school with a teacher day of six hours or longer, excluding the lunch period, and must include 200 minutes per week for these purposes.

Some districts and schools have implemented the Ohio Improvement Process. Scheduled planning time is required to implement with fidelity the Teacher-Based Teams. Teacher-Based Teams consist of teams of teachers coming together to review and revise the impact of teaching practice and student learning. Their responsibilities include generating standards-based common formative assessments, creating pre-assessment and post-assessment instruments, collecting, charting, and analyzing student data, and determining and implementing differentiated research-based instructional strategies based on students' learning needs.

Professional Development

Student and teacher data must be used to determine the amount and nature of faculty and staff professional development necessary to implement the school district's vision, mission and strategic plan.

Professional development planning may include:

  • The identification of observable and measurable staff learning outcomes;
  • The individual or group needs of faculty to improve their knowledge so they can address individualized student learning needs; and
  • Focus on closing the gap between student performance and the expectations for student performance. This includes identifying the resources necessary to support the learning outcomes, follow-up and evaluation.

Professional development for all faculty and staff shall continually be monitored, evaluated and improved to align with school district goals and objectives and to meet the changing needs of students. 

Professional development for credentialed staff must be provided. 

Statute and Rule Links

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code


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Scheduled planning time and professional development

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3319.222 Effect on certificates before change in law
3301-24-06  Professional development
3301-24-07 Provisional license renewal
3301-24-08 Professional and associate license renewal
3301-25 Educational Aide Permits

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