21 Strategic Planning

The proper governance, leadership, organization, administration and supervision of a school district or school needs effective and focused strategic planning. A strategic plan guides the school district or school and key stakeholders in the ongoing measurement of student performance to show acceptable progress is being made toward the strategic goals and objectives. Strategic planning identifies short- and long-range goals with the necessary strategies. Strategic planning is the responsibility of the board of education, the superintendent and other key stakeholders.

Effective strategic planning is:

  • Based on the personalized and individualized needs of current and future students and other stakeholders of the school district or school; and
  • Used to develop focused and well-defined strategic goals and objectives with specific timetables for the school district or school.

School districts and schools must develop short- and long-term strategies linked to their goals and objectives. If district or school policy expects work plans for any units or individuals, all work plans must support the district’s and school’s goals. 

School districts and schools must identify and use key internal measures, such as performance targets, the Performance Index score, Value-Added progress dimension, performance of similar school districts and schools, or other benchmarks to track performance on work plans, strategic goals and objectives.

All strategic planning information must be communicated to the stakeholders.

School districts and schools failing to meet progress for two consecutive years must develop strategic plans, including a three-year continuous improvement plan, according to Ohio law.

Links to Strategic Planning Statutes and Rules

Ohio Revised Code / Ohio Administrative Code



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Annual report


Three-year continuous improvement plans- interventions by department of education- site evaluations


Implementation of corrective actions


Waiver of laws or rules specified in plan


Policy regarding suspension, expulsion, removal, and permanent exclusion


Intervention standards for districts


Measuring operations and educational performance


Using data to set higher goals


Using data to evaluate the operations and supports


Conducting a comprehensive review of operations and supports


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