Diabetes Management

This statute (ORC 3313.7112) will give Ohio schools information to train school employees about student diabetes management. Ohio Department of Education (ODE) now shares information to help schools understand their responsibilities. 

Additional information about this bill and school requirements will be available in the future. For additional questions, please contact Mark Smith (mark.smith@education.Ohio.gov).

Diabetes Training Materials

Below are links to training materials developed from nationally-recognized curricula for use specifically in Ohio schools. The materials are recommended (but non-mandatory) for schools, and schools may choose to use these materials with professional and non-professional staff at their discretion.

  1. Diabetes Basics
  2. Blood Glucose (BG) Monitoring
    1. Skills Test: Glucose Monitoring
  3. Insulin Administration
    1. Skills Test: Insulin Administration with a Vial/Syringe
    2. Skills Test: Insulin Administration with an Insulin Pump
  4. Carbohydrate Counting
  5. Glucagon Administration
  6. HYPERglycemia- HIGH Blood Sugar
  7. HYPOglycemia- LOW Blood Sugar
  8. Individualized Health Plans
  9. Insulin Dose Calculation
  10. Ketones
    1. Skills Test: Ketone Monitoring
  11. Diabetes Medicaid Management Plan
  12. Storage and Disposal of Medical Supplies
    1. Universal Precautions Training
    2. Diabetes Pre/Post-Test
    3. Post-Test Key

Additional Resources

American Diabetes Association’s Training Program (July 2022)

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