Identification of Gifted Students Using Above-Grade Level Testing

The American College Test (ACT) has been approved for use in the identification of gifted students in select grade levels. Below is information about scoring this test as a means of identifying gifted students. The revised cutoff scores should be used to identify students who have been tested after February 1, 2009.

Cutoff Score Table

The cutoff scores listed below are derived from data from the Midwest Talent Search, which allows large numbers of highly capable students to take tests designed for older students at an early age. The cutoff scores set are at or above the mean scores of students participating in the talent search. Because virtually all students participating in the Midwest Talent Search score at or above the 95th percentile on grade level standardized achievement tests, the cutoff scores listed set a standard at least equivalent to (and likely much higher than) the 95th percentile on other approved achievement tests given at the normal grade level.

ACT Test

Area of Gifted Identification Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9
Reading/Writing 17 (English Subscore) 19 (English Subscore) 21 (English Subscore) 24 (English Subscore)
Reading/Writing 17 (Reading Subscore) 19 (Reading Subscore) 21 (Reading Subscore) 25 (Reading Subscore)
Mathematics 17 (Math Subscore) 18 (Math Subscore) 20 (Math Subscore) 24 (Math Subscore)
Science 17 (Science Subscore) 19 (Science Subscore) 21 (Science Subscore) 24 (Science Subscore)


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