District Gifted Identification Plan

Districts are required to submit the District Gifted Identification Plan to the department for approval. This plan must be completed in SAFE. The following information is contained within the District Gifted Identification Plan:

  • Names of approved tests, behavioral checklists, and rubrics administered to students to determine giftedness in all areas of identification recognized under Ohio law;
  • The grade levels and areas for which districts administer required whole-grade screenings;
  • Scheduling procedures for administering assessments for the identification of students who are gifted to include students referred for testing (including transfer students) and equitable testing practices to ensure inclusion of students from traditionally underrepresented populations; and
  • Assurances that districts will accept qualifying scores from approved assessments obtained from outside of the district.

Identification Plan User Guide for SAFE

Identification Plan directions for SAFE  (PDF) This user guide provides a brief summary of the key steps for accessing and submitting the district identification plan in SAFE.

Last Modified: 10/25/2023 9:01:19 AM