Gifted Indicator

The Gifted Indicator reflects the level of services to, and the performance of, students who are identified gifted. It includes the performance of these students on state assessments and value-added growth measure. The Gifted Indicator is a part of the graded measure, Indicators Met, on the Report Card.

Gifted Indicator Components

The Gifted Indicator is a "Met" or "Not Met" determination that requires a district or school to obtain a minimum threshold on each of its three components.
  • Performance: Performance of students who are gifted as determined by the Gifted Performance Index. A school or district must have a minimum of 10 unique students with applicable tests in order to be evaluated on this component.
  • Progress: Progress of gifted students, as determined by the Gifted Value-Added letter grade. Evaluation on this component requires a minimum of six unique students in a single grade and subject.
  • Inputs: District or school inputs for gifted students, as determined by a total point score connected to various measure of gifted identification and service.

Gifted Indicator Thresholds

For the 2016-2017 school year and beyond, the minimum thresholds are as follows:
  • Gifted Performance Index = 117 points
  • Gifted Value-Added = Grade of "C" or higher
  • Gifted Input Points = 80 points

Last Modified: 10/25/2023 9:01:15 AM