Academic Acceleration for Advanced Learners

The State Board of Education adopted a model acceleration policy for advanced learners at its April 2006 meeting. School districts are required to implement the model acceleration policy or alternative research-based policies approved by the Ohio Department of Education beginning in the 2006-2007 school year. Below is Information on the policy and tools and resources for implementing it.

Information on the impact of acceleration on the Third Grade Reading Guarantee

Acceleration Policy Implementation Toolkit

The following tools and resources are designed to assist school districts in implementing the Model Student Acceleration Policy for Advanced Learners developed by ODE and adopted by the State Board of Education. These items may not be compatible with locally developed acceleration policies or policies distributed by other organizations. Any district that has chosen not to implement the Model Student Acceleration Policy adopted by the State Board of Education should review these materials carefully to verify that the information they contain is compatible with the acceleration policy the district has chosen to implement.

State Board of Education Resolution on Acceleration and the Model Student Acceleration Policy for Advanced Learners

Summary of an ODE-sponsored research study of Ohio school district policies and practices related to acceleration by W. Thomas Southern, Ph.D., and Eric Jones, Ph.D.

A newly created example of a referral form for early entrance to kindergarten or first grade may assist districts in clarifying for parents and others in the district the purpose of the early entrance acceleration option

Acceleration Case Studies

Ohio parents and educators involved in cases of accelerated students were invited to reflect on their experiences. The following case studies reflect the views of the individuals who submitted them. Names of students, educators, and schools have been changed or removed to preserve the privacy of students and others.

An Introduction to the Iowa Acceleration Scale

The Iowa Acceleration Scale (IAS), Third Edition, is currently the only acceleration assessment process approved by ODE for evaluating candidates for early entrance to kindergarten and whole grade acceleration for students in kindergarten through Grade 9. Dr. Susan Assouline, co-author of the IAS, describes the purpose, content and development of the Iowa Acceleration Scale.

Model Written Acceleration Plans and Templates

The Model Student Acceleration Policy for Advanced Learners calls for the creation of "written acceleration plans" for accelerated students. Below are sample acceleration plans:



Districts that are implementing acceleration evaluation procedures often encounter questions about the best ways to evaluate students for possible acceleration through early entrance, subject acceleration, grade acceleration or early graduation from high school. The following presentations and handouts will assist districts in examining these procedures and clarifying the roles of the various evaluation committee members.

Pathways to Acceleration Signposts for the Evaluation Committee: This powerpoint presentation is designed for the district acceleration policy administrator and also the facilitator of the acceleration evaluation committee. Individual slides may be used to assist evaluation committee members in understanding their roles in determining whether or not a student is a good candidate for acceleration.

Pathways to Subject Acceleration:  This power point presentation provides guidance specifically about evaluating students for possible subject acceleration.

Pathways to Acceleration: This graphic “pathway” can be used as a handout to give district acceleration policy administrators facilitators of the acceleration evaluation committee a quick overview of the entire evaluation process.

Acceleration Implementation Building on Experience: This powerpoint presentation is designed to assist in the implementation of the acceleration evaluation process. It adds additional guidance for those who have used the Pathways to Acceleration presentation or implemented an acceleration evaluation process.

Acceleration Implementation Handout: This handout is a quick overview of the powerpoint presentation, Acceleration Implementation: Building on Experience, and can be used for meetings or discussions related to acceleration evaluation implementation.

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