Policies for Academic Acceleration

In 2006 the Ohio State Board of Education adopted a model acceleration policy for advanced learners. School districts are required to implement the model acceleration policy or an alternative research-based policy approved by the Ohio Department of Education. For more information regarding acceleration please visit the Academic Acceleration for Advanced Learners page on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Guidance for Acceleration Policy Implementation

Guidance for Acceleration and State Testing

  • Ohio's State Tests Rules Book is a reference for school officials responsible for statewide testing. The Rules Book contains guidance specific to acceleration and state testing for districts.
  • District Resources for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee contains a variety of helpful guidance documents including Grade and Subject Acceleration and the Third Grade Reading Guarantee, a guidance document specific to grade and subject acceleration, found under the Other Guidance Documents section.

Written Acceleration Plans

Districts must provide all students recommended for acceleration with a Written Acceleration Plan (WAP). The WAP describes the transition plan and supports for the successful implementation of an acceleration. After the successful completion of the transition period established in the WAP, an acceleration becomes a permanent placement. 

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