Ohio Educators with Military Connections

License Assistance for Active-Duty Personnel, Veterans and Military Spouses

Fees Waived

There are several licensure fees that have been eliminated to recognize the contributions of military families. Learn more about these fee waivers

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce understands the value that military veterans and their spouses bring to Ohio’s PK-12 classrooms.

Ohio has two programs that assist military personnel, veterans and their spouses in starting a career in education in Ohio: Troops to Teachers (TTT) and the Ohio Military Veteran Educator Program (OhioMVEP).

  • Troops to Teachers: The Ohio Troops to Teachers (TTT) team assists transitioning active-duty service members, currently serving reserve component service members and military veterans along their journey to obtain an Ohio PK-12 educator license. Contact the TTT Program Coordinator at OhioTTT@education.ohio.gov to discuss individual educational career goals and for assistance in developing an action plan to obtain an Ohio Educator License.
  • Ohio Military Veteran Educator Program: Through the Ohio Military Veteran Educators Program (OhioMVEP), the Department can assist transitioning active-duty service members, currently serving reserve component service members and military veterans start a career in education outside the classroom in a classified support role. These roles include positions in the fields of mechanics, maintenance, food service, transportation, etc. The department can also assist spouses of transitioning active-duty service members, currently serving reserve component service members and military veterans along their journey to work at an Ohio PK-12 school, inside and outside the classroom. Those interesting this program should contact a team member at OhioMVEP@education.ohio.gov to learn more.


Common Licensure Options for Military Educators

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce has many license types available. There are specific procedures to acquire each license type. Refer to the Educator Licenses web page for a full list and more details.

Those that already have a license

  • The one-year out-of-state educator license: Incoming licensed teachers from other states – including service members, spouses of service members and veterans of the U.S. armed forces – may apply for this license at the request of their employing Ohio school or district if they meet all requirements. This license simplifies interstate mobility and employment by allowing an educator to teach for a year in Ohio while they are meeting any additional requirements they may need for full Ohio licensure.
  • Military extensions to Ohio licenses: State law (ORC 3319.284) permits a member of the National Guard or a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States who is called to active duty and who, at the time of deployment, holds a valid educator license in Ohio, to have the license extended for a period of time commensurate with the length of active duty service, provided the educator is honorably released from that active duty service. To inquire about an extension, contact educator.licensure@education.ohio.gov.
  • Temporary Military License: The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce issues temporary military licenses to educators who are currently active-duty service members in Ohio or spouses of active-duty service members in Ohio and hold a valid (active) out-of-state license in the requested subject area, in accordance with section 4743.041 of the Ohio Revised CodeNote: This license is different than the military science license required for Junior ROTC instructors.

Those WHO do not already hold a license

  • Alternative routes to Ohio licensure: The Ohio Alternative Resident Educator License is an accelerated, nontraditional pathway that prepares educators for classroom teaching. This gives candidates the opportunity to become licensed in a variety of subject areas and career-technical workforce development areas through the Department.
  • Provisional Career-Technical Workforce Development (CTWD) License: The Provisional Career-Technical Workforce Development (CTWD) License is an accelerated pathway to classroom career-technical teaching. This pathway allows students, schools and communities to benefit from the candidates' content-related knowledge, life experience and successful career experience.

Junior ROTC Instructors

The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in Ohio is a high school leadership development program based in the values and practices of four branches of the United States military. The program combines classroom experiences with service to students' schools and communities. JROTC programs teach students values of leadership, teamwork and self-discipline. Note: This license is different than the temporary military license required to teach in Ohio classrooms.

Visit the Temporary Military Science License page to get more information on this license.

Non-teacher educators

Ohio offers professional pupil services licensure and registration options for candidates who meet requirements. Pupil services personnel such as nurses, audiologists, speech pathologists, psychiatrists, social workers and counselors should review requirements on the Department's Pupil Services Licenses web page. 

Prepare for the Licensure Application


Candidates will need to set up an OH|ID account to apply for a license. Candidates who do not have an Ohio driver’s license may use their military ID or another alternative form of identification to set up their OH|ID accounts.

Service Verification

When completing the online license application within OH|ID, applicants will need to verify military service by uploading a scanned copy of a verification document. While scanning verification items, please select file type PDF for the document(s) to be uploaded.  

For active-duty military:
For current members of the U.S. Armed Forces, Reserves or National Guard, upload a copy of the front of your current military ID card. For current members of the Ohio Military Reserve or Ohio Naval Militia, upload a copy of your current State of Ohio Uniformed Services ID card.

For veterans:
If a veteran of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, please upload one of the following documents:

  • DD Form 214 including the Character of Service (must be Honorable),
  • NGB 22 including the Character of Service (must be Honorable)

For military spouses:
If the applicant is a spouse of an active-duty member, upload one of the following documents:

  • DD Form 1173 (front and back) reflecting sponsor service status of AD (Active Duty), OR
  • U.S. Department of Defense Next Generation USID card (front and back) reflecting a sponsor affiliation of Active Duty.

Learn more about applying for a new or renewed license.

Educator License Fee Waivers and Reimbursements

The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce has eliminated fees for educator licenses to recognize the contributions of military families. The fees for any initial Ohio educator license, permit or certificate – or for a renewal – will be waived for candidates who are veterans with honorable discharges or current service members of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, the National Guard or Reserve, or the Ohio Military Reserve or Ohio Naval Militia (under the Ohio Adjutant General). Spouses of active-duty service members also may receive a license free of charge.

As another incentive, the Department is offering vouchers to TTT and OhioMVEP candidates to pay for the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) required as evidence of content mastery for licensure. Reach out to an Ohio TTT team member to determine whether you are eligible for an OAE voucher: OhioTTT@education.ohio.gov.

The Department is also subsidizing the costs for the Alternative Resident Educator Institute and the Intensive Pedagogical Training Institue. For more information, contact an OMVEP team member: ohiomvep@education.ohio.gov

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers a reimbursement program for educational expenses, which can also include the cost of taking the Ohio Assessments for Educators. Here is how to seek reimbursement.

  • Download the Department of Veterans Affairs Application for Reimbursement of Licensing or Certification Test Fees (VBA-22-0803-A). 
  • To complete the form, applicants will need the list of Ohio Assessments for Educators and related fees that are approved for reimbursement using veteran’s benefits. Access this information by following the steps below on the WEAMS Licenses/Certifications Search page:
    • Enter “OAE” into the L&C Name field.
    • Select “Both” as the LAC category type.
    • Select the State initials “MA” for Massachusetts (location of the OAE testing contractor) and click on the “Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE)” prompt under the Description column. There will be a list of licensure exams. Select the exam to be taken and the associated cost. Complete and submit the reimbursement form. 
    • Applicants needing additional information about reimbursement programs should contact their local veteran's benefits office. 

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