All-Ohio U.S. Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration

All-Ohio U.S. Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration

U.S. Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration

Celebrating Ohio's Students and Their Service to the Nation

Honor, tradition and service are hallmarks of the United States military, and Ohioans have made countless storied contributions to our nation's armed forces. Ohio's students are continuing this legacy and the Ohio Department of Education is recognizing their commitment to military service with the Annual All-Ohio United States Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration. The Department is proud of students entering military service and their commitment to our nation.

Individuals who want to draw attention to the event on social media can help by using #OhioMilitarySigningDay.

2021 All-Ohio U.S. Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration

In the video below, former State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria and Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst, director of the Ohio Department Veterans Services, join Ohio Governor Mike DeWine to recognize and congratulate students who have committed to military service, including active duty, Reserve and National Guard.



Ohio recognizes military service as a meaningful post-high school pathway for students who wish to enlist and proudly celebrates students who commit to serve each year. Ohio's graduates have the option of earning seals on their diplomas for meeting special requirements in specific areas. Military enlistment is among these twelve graduation seals. Each Child, Our Future, Ohio’s strategic plan for education, is aligned to the one goal of student success post-graduation, which includes serving in a military branch. The All-Ohio United State Armed Forces Career Commitment Celebration is an opportunity to celebrate students each year who dedicate themselves to military service.

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