Ohio Purple Star Advisory Board

To better support military families, the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce created the Purple Star Advisory Board. The Board advises on best practices, resources and recommendations to further the shared goal of improving educational programs for military-connected youth. The Purple Star Advisory Board helps decide eligibility requirements for the Purple Star Award


The board includes representation from educators and stakeholders from around the state with a passion to serve the military community. The members of the advisory board include:

Members serve as long as they are willing and able. If a member cannot fulfill their term, the vacancy will be filled through the open application process. Vacancies to the board are posted and communicated to Purple Star Schools. Individuals can apply using Purple Star Advisory Board Application. All applicants remain in a pool for future vacancies in the event that all positions are filled.


The board meets virtually twice per year, once in late spring (May) and again in the fall (September). Additional meetings may occur on an as-needed basis. The Department determines meeting time, date and agenda in consultation with board members. Members must attend all regular meetings. If a member is unable to attend, a member can designate an alternate representative. The alternate should be familiar with the Purple Star program.

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