As part of the Defense Wide Review, the Department of Defense (DoD) has realigned the Troops to Teachers (TTT) resources to higher priority programs more closely aligned to the National Defense Strategy.

As a result, the Defense Department has cancelled the TTT Program, effective October 1, 2020. The program is scheduled to sunset by the end of Fiscal Year (FY) 2021. Click here to review the national TTT Program's website's FAQs for more information.

The Ohio Department of Education will continue to support transitioning active duty service members, currently serving reserve component service members and military veterans interested in a subsequent career in education after the national program sunsets.
Service members and veterans interested in teaching should complete the "Program Interest" form.  This form provides basic contact information so you can be notified directly if program funding becomes available.
Additional program updates will be provided at as information becomes available.  Thank you.


David Schklar, LTC (USA Retired)

Ohio has much to offer veterans who want to enter second careers that engage and inspire young minds. Through its Alternative Educator Licensure Program, the Buckeye State offers anyone who holds a bachelor's degree the chance to earn a teaching credential. In addition, qualifying individuals who have a high school diploma, five years of documented work experience, and completes an approved preservice career-technical education program in these areas can teach in career technical programs.

Ohio also recognizes the knowledge and expertise our nation's veterans can bring to educating our children. In recent years, Ohio lawmakers have increased starting pay for veterans entering the teaching force; provided immediate, in-state tuition rates to relocating veterans and family members; and eliminated veteran applicant fees for initial and renewing teaching licenses.

Ohio has a growing need for dedicated teachers and administrators. Join us so you can help educate our future generations.

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About Troops to Teachers

Troops to Teachers was established in 1993 to assist transitioning service members and veterans in beginning new careers in public, charter and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools.

Troops to Teachers is a national program, funded and administered by the Department of Defense through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). The program helps eligible military personnel begin new careers as teachers in PK-12 public schools where their skills, knowledge and experience are needed most.

The goal of the Ohio office is to identify these service men and women and help facilitate the process in obtaining their teaching certificate and finding employment as an Ohio teacher. Not only finding, but retaining quality teachers is, and should be, of particular interest to Ohio due to the current teacher shortage.

The program provides counseling, employment facilitation and financial support services for eligible participants to help them meet education and licensing requirements to teach and subsequently secure employment.


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