EdChoice Scholarship Program

The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from designated public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program also provides students who are entering kindergarten through 12th grade scholarship opportunities based on their household income level.


The application window for the 2023-2024 Traditional EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Scholarship programs is open. It will remain open through June 30th, 2024.

NOTE: If you are experiencing issues accessing the EdChoice Income Verification System in OH|ID, you may use this link to access the application system. You will need to have an existing OH|ID account for the link to work. 

If you do not have an existing OH|ID, you may create an account and login using the Open My Apps button on the Portal Help page. After you login, under Web Systems, click Application Request. Change the Application to Income Verification in the dropdown box and click submit*. After a moment your screen should reload with access to the Income Verification tile. 

*If the dropdown box under Membership Requested is blank or does not let you move forward, first request Scholarship under Application and then request Income Verification. 

Am I Eligible for EdChoice What Schools Can I Choose? How do I Apply or Renew?

Income Verification

The Ohio Department of Education uses an online Scholarship Income Verification System. The system is available for families to enter and submit their income information electronically to the Scholarship office for verification. Parents are able to enter household member information, income information and upload supporting income documents directly into the online system.

2023-2024 School Year Information

Traditional EdChoice Scholarship

EdChoice Expansion Scholarship

2022-2023 School Year Information



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