You don’t need a Ph.D. in statistics to be empowered by evidence – to bring about powerful change for your students. The Ohio Department of Education’s empowered by evidence tools can help you make strategy decisions that will save you time and resources and make an impact on your students.

1. Understand the value of evidence-based strategies for students and schools - Every day, educators and policymakers have opportunities to give students the academic support and services they need to reach their fullest potential in school and life. But to turn opportunity into action, they need to know what interventions and supports really work — they must be empowered by evidence.

an illustration of a map with location pins in it2. Consider your local needs - Different students in different districts all have different needs. Being empowered by evidence means carefully considering your students’ distinct needs and your district’s capacity and resources and then choosing strategies with the greatest evidence of success in meeting those needs.

an illustratio nof someone using a tablet3. Learn the basics - Do you want to be confident that a strategy will help your students succeed? Strategies fall into different levels of evidence. Basic knowledge of these levels can help you choose what is best for your students.1

  • Level 1 and Level 2 interventions are backed by “strong” research and “moderate” research, respectively. Research shows that Level 1 and 2 interventions are most likely to bring about change for students. 
  • Level 3 interventions are backed by “promising” research. While the research may not have the statistical rigor of Levels 1 or 2, there is good cause to believe they can work. 
  • Level 4 interventions do not have enough research backing to be Level 1, 2 or 3. But, they do have some support in research. When you use Level 4 interventions, you must make a commitment to carefully monitor and evaluate results to ensure students are benefiting. 

an illuatration of a laptop4. Make strategies prove their worth - Once you start implementing a strategy, no matter what level, you want to know it’s working. Are you seeing change? What are student results telling you? If you’re not seeing the improvement you expected, look for opportunities for adjustments.

an illustration of two people talking5. Tap into Ohio's Empowered by Evidence resources - You’re not on this evidence-based adventure alone. The Ohio Department of Education’s website offers detailed FAQs, step-by-step instructions on how to find evidence-based strategies, and other state and national resources. The Department will continue to add to these resources, so visit often.


Office of Research, Evaluation & Advanced Analytics
Gregory Taylor, Administrator

[1] See US Department of Education’s Non-Regulatory Guidance: Using Evidence to Strengthen Education Investments for more information (

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