Get 2 School LogoStudent success starts with school attendance. Students who are absent from school miss important learning opportunities, which can be difficult, or even impossible, to make up. The mission of the Stay in the Game! Network is to prioritize attendance by connecting its users to resources aimed at tackling chronic absenteeism. The Cleveland Browns Foundation, Ohio Department of Education and Proving Ground are deeply committed to this mission.

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Everyone — educators, parents and families, community partners and even students, can do their part to tackle absenteeism. Access resources, take the Attendance Pledge and help us spread the word on the Stay in the Game! Network!


Attendance Champ Spotlight

East Cleveland City Schools

East Cleveland City School District’s commitment to attendance has been nothing shy of transformative, as the district’s revamped approach has generated a sense of excitement among students to commit to each day and put forth their strongest effort. Serving as a core component to the district’s revitalization and recovery plan, attendance is viewed as a means of connecting learners to quality instruction – ultimately preparing them for future success. Read More...

Cardington-Lincoln & Western Local Schools

When it comes to strong attendance, Cardington-Lincoln and Western Local Schools are no strangers to student development and understand crucial factors that contribute to the making of well-rounded, academically confident learners. Roughly 120 miles apart in distance, quality curriculum is a priority for both districts, and is attributed to environments that promote enjoyment, interactive learning and meaningful lessons for each student. Read More...

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) strives to continuously enhance their curriculum and promote strong attendance by offering a variety of unique, interactive student activities. From calls to student homes featuring Browns players and coaches to hosting pop-up parties with local radio personalities, CMSD consistently finds creative ways to emphasize the importance of each day in school – keeping students engaged and ready to learn. In addition, CMSD works to remove lack of clothing as an attendance-related barrier by providing their most vulnerable, in need students with school uniforms through the Cleveland Browns Special Teams Package, in partnership with Shoes and Clothes for Kids. Read More...

Attendance Extra Point

To support the Stay in the Game! Network’s commitment to reducing Ohio’s chronic absenteeism rate by half over the next 10 years, the Department issued a call to action for families, educators and community members to prioritize student attendance. To answer this call, the Department and its partners are offering practical tips educators can use to increase attendance and engagement during the school year and “Go for the Extra Point!” 

Here is a tip educators can use to go for the Extra Point!

Be on the lookout for more attendance Extra Points here and in EdConnection.

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