Whole-Child Nutrition

Whole-Child Nutrition

School Nutrition Programs in School Year 2020-2021

One of the highest priorities for Ohio’s child nutrition program, which is fundamental to supporting the whole child, is to ensure students receive nutritious meals in the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) waivers during school year 2020-2021 allow in-school and non-congregate take-home meal service with a parent/guardian pickup option through the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs. The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Integrated Student Supports is developing school year 2020-2021 child nutrition guidance and resources.

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USDA Waiver Requests

The Ohio Department of Education is requesting the following school year 2020-2021 waivers from the USDA.
  • Oversight and Monitoring Waivers: a waiver to the requirements under 7 CFR 210.18(c) timing of National School Lunch Program Administrative Reviews, 7 CFR 210.19(a)(5) National School Lunch Program Food Service Management Company (FSMC) review cycle, 7 CFR 225.7(d)(2)(ii)(A) Summer Food Service Program requirement to review new sponsors within the first year of operating, 7 CFR 225.7(d)(2)(ii)(E) Summer Food Service Program requirement to conduct reviews of at least 10 percent of each sponsor’s sites or one site, if that’s greater, 7 CFR 225.7(d)(2)(ii)(B) Summer Food Service Program requirement to annually review sponsors whose reimbursements count as half the aggregate from the previous year, 7 CFR 225.7(d)(6) Summer Food Service Program requirement to inspect FSMC facilities onsite, 7 CFR 226.15(e) Child and Adult Care Food Program recordkeeping requirement, 7CFR 226.6(m)(6) frequency and number of required institution reviews, and 7CFR 210.8(a)(1)& 220.11(d)(1) SFA reviews by February 1. 
  • Closed Sites for Seamless Summer and Summer Food Service Program Waiver: a waiver to the requirements under 7 CFR 225.14(d)(2) If the sponsor administers the Program at sites that provide summer school sessions, it must ensure that these sites are open to children enrolled in summer school and to all children residing in the area served by the site and SP 09-2017 National School Lunch Program’s Seamless Summer Option, a policy memo that states that site eligibility requirements are the same as SFSP.
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