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General Resources 

School Legislation

2021 STEM and STEAM Designation Webinar Series with the Ohio STEM Learning Network

Exploring the quality model for STEM/STEAM schools and the stem/steam designation application 

What distinguishes a STEM/STEAM school from other schools? Learn how culture, curriculum and connection work together to support STEM best practices for a school-wide approach. 
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November 16th, 2021 Recording. - Access Code: #Pm6Zc+*

STEM Curriculum: What does teaching and learning look like in a STEM school?

STEM and PBL go hand-in-hand, but what does it mean to implement project/problem-based learning and more? STEM leaders share a deep dive into PBL and demonstrate how it is used as a launching pad to personalizing student learning.
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November 30, 2021 Recording. 
- Access Code: $ZCxQyy7

Building community partnerships to provide real-world context 

How can partnerships deepen the education experience for students and the community? Learn the role of partnerships in STEM from the Quality Model for STEM and STEAM schools. STEM Leaders from Ohio’s STEM designated schools share their experiences and how community partnerships positively impact learning for all students. 
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December 9, 2021 Recording- Access Code: T!%3UdMC

Creating a culture of innovation to support STEM best practices

Shifting a school and community culture towards a STEM/STEAM mindset is a team effort. Learn tangible ways from STEM school leaders how to shift a school and community culture to include innovation, entrepreneurship, inquiry and collaboration. Topics include building a school-wide design cycle and supporting teacher innovation in the classroom while engaging parents and guardians in the process.

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