Secondary Transition Modules Alternate Access

It is essential that other stakeholders such as families, agency providers, institutions of higher education, and students themselves have an opportunity to engage in the Modules. Common understanding promotes integration and collaboration that can help all work smarter together for improved student outcomes.

Please note that use of the Modules is not mandatory for school personnel. Module content is is best practice and is not intended to be used for compliance monitoring.

Access Modules

  1. Student-Focused Planning - How do I help my students plan for the future? 
  2. Student Development - What skills do my students need to meet their postsecondary goals?
  3. Interagency Collaboration - How do I involve agencies in postsecondary planning?
  4. Program Structure - What foundational elements are necessary to effectively implement transition services?
  5. Family Engagement - How do I engage families in postsecondary planning?

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