Targeted Stakeholder Engagement

With the goal of hearing directly from parents and school district personnel who support students with disabilities, Ohio will gain a better understanding of the key successes, challenges, needs and improvement opportunities across the state. Targeted stakeholder engagement has been accomplished through a statewide survey, focus groups and family town hall meetings.  

Statewide Survey

The target audience for the statewide survey is school district personnel, including building administrators, teachers and service providers who work directly with students with disabilities at every grade level. The purpose of the survey is to identify the successes, challenges and needed improvements across the topics of evaluation, identification of service providers, providing services in the Least Restrictive Environment and professional development/instructional practices. The survey provides an opportunity for sharing ideas for improving educational services for children with disabilities.
Statewide survey results can be found here.
The statewide survey executive summary is available for review here.

Focus Groups

The purpose of the focus groups is to take a deeper dive into the current state of special education services from those who completed the statewide survey. The Ohio Department of Education identified questions generated by survey responses and seeks more information about and ideas for actionable improvements from school district personnel,  building administrators, teachers and related services personnel who work directly with students with disabilities at every grade level.
The focus groups report is available for review here.

Family Town Hall Meetings

The target audience for family meetings are parents or guardians who have children currently being educated in Ohio’s public-school system, as well as those whose children have dropped out or recently graduated high school. The purpose of the town hall meetings is to hear directly from families who have navigated the special education system.
The family town hall meetings report is available for review here.


Students with disabilities are our most valued and important stakeholder. They are being engaged directly to ensure  their concerns and needs are met within Ohio’s plan to improve learning experiences and outcomes for students with disabilities.
The report on student voice is available for review here.

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