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The Ohio Department of Education, through its Office for Exceptional Children, is implementing a comprehensive State Systemic Improvement Plan to improve the educational results of Ohio’s students with disabilities. The plan focuses on improving the graduation rate of students with disabilities with a regular diploma. The work directly impacts Each Child Means Each Child’s focus on improved postsecondary transition and outcomes for students with disabilities and reflects the vision of Ohio’s strategic plan, Each Child, Our Future, that each child is challenged, prepared and empowered to become a resilient, lifelong learner who contributes to society. These measures support Ohio’s goal to increase the percentage of high school graduates who are enrolled, enlisted or employed one year after graduation and the priority strategy to ensure high school inspires students to identify future success and gives students multiple ways to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for graduation and beyond.

The strands of action from the previous State Systemic Improvement Plan Early Literacy Pilot have been expanded to target high school-level students with disabilities, families, school personnel and other agency partners. Activities within these strands have been developed into a theory of action which illustrates the strategies and intended outcomes of the new State Systemic Improvement Plan - Each Child On Track. Each Child On Track will focus on increasing the percentage of students with a disability graduating with a regular diploma which addresses Indicator 1: the percent of youth with individualized education programs exiting high school with a regular high school diploma. The Each Child On Track Evaluation Plan provides details on the evaluation questions and methods of data collection that the state will use over the next five years to evaluate the progress on the State Systemic Improvement Plan.

Each Child On Track teams have accomplished a great deal in their first year of implementation. Read about it here Year 1 Annual Evaluation Report Executive Summary December 2023

A blog featuring the project can be found on the GRAD Partnership website.  

What does it take to ensure that all Ohio students, including students with disabilities, stay on track for graduation?
These Success Stories highlight the work that several Ohio districts are doing to build the capacity and infrastructure needed to implement an early warning system and better support students with disabilities to remain in school and graduate with a regular diploma.

Success Stories 
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Centerburg Local
Franklin City 
Madison Local
Portsmouth City

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