IDEA Part-B Allocation

IDEA Part-B Allocation:

The State of Ohio’s total IDEA Part-B allocation is generated based on the state's annual federal child count.

Local Education Agency (LEA) allocations for sections 611 and 619 are calculated using the following components:

  1. The LEA's 2015 December Child Count (base amount);

  2. A current count of public and private population (population amount); and

  3. A current count of students living in poverty (poverty amount). 

The base amount remains constant unless adjustments are required in accordance with 34 CFR § 300.705 (b)(2). Population and poverty components vary from year to year depending upon the LEA's population and poverty counts and may cause LEA allocations to increase or decrease. For additional information, please refer to the document here.

If the LEA feels that there is an error, please contact the Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) at the number listed on this page and personnel will research and determine next steps.

Special Education Part-B Allocations

Below are composite reports that show the IDEA Part B Special Education allocations for the current year and previous fiscal years back to 2011. Allocations are listed for school districts, community schools, and county boards of developmental disabilities, sorted by IRN number.

Fiscal-Year-2019-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx Fiscal Year 2020 Special Education Part B Final Allocations
Fiscal-Year-2018-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx Fiscal Year 2021 Special Education Part B Final Allocations
Fiscal-Year-2017-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx Fiscal Year 2022 Special Education Part B Final Allocations
Fiscal-Year-2016-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx Fiscal Year 2022 American Rescue Plan (ARP) IDEA Part B Final Allocations
Fiscal-Year-2015-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx FY23 Final Allocations IDEA Part B
Fiscal-Year-2014-Special-Education-Part-B-Allocations.xlsx FY24 Final Allocations for IDEA Part B


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