Funding Attendance Programs

Schools and districts have some flexibility in how to fund their attendance strategies. 

  • Ohio’s Student Wellness and Success Funds can be utilized in a variety of ways that all impact attendance. The Department’s Student Wellness and Success Funds and Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid webpage provides examples that meet all requirements, including directly supporting mental and physical health initiatives, family engagement, before and after school programming, and more. 

  • Federal Title funds can also be used to help improve attendance, such as: 

    • Title I-A can fund mental health and counseling services 
    • Title II-A can fund professional development for staff to learn about their role in addressing chronic absence and increasing engagement 

    • Title IV-A can fund stipends or supplemental contracts for family and community engagement work and improving data systems/dashboards for attendance that supplement the school’s Student Information System. 

  • Please direct questions about the use of federal funds to your district treasurer or the Office of Federal Programs

  • Additional ideas and strategies are available in this statement on improving attendance from the White House. 

Last Modified: 7/1/2024 12:51:40 PM