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In 2023, the Department formed an Attendance Task Force, a group of superintendents, community members, and attendance experts to examine the many aspects of student attendance. The Task Force Recommendation Report outlines the outcomes of the work. Many of the tools and links below are the result of the Task Force’s recommendations. 

Attendance Tools 

  • Ohio's Attendance Guide emphasizes the importance of focusing on early intervention and prevention strategies to improve student attendance and lower chronic absenteeism by providing district- and school-level activities and resources. 

  • As educators plan their attendance communications and strategies throughout the year, the Attendance Activities Plan Calendar can help ensure they are meeting the needs of the whole school community. 

  • Schools and districts are encouraged to join the Stay in the Game! Attendance Network for additional resources and supports in bringing their attendance messaging into their community. 

  • These two absence communication sample templates, updated for 2024, can be modified by schools and districts for use in communicating attendance thresholds to students and families.  

  • The Absence Intervention Plan Template can be used to help schools and districts during Absence Intervention Team Meetings and for identifying root causes for student absences. 

  • Schools and districts providing targeted attendance interventions for students can use this team attendance intervention tracking sheet. Teams can monitor progress, assign Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions, and share with school and district staff. 

  • The map below shows the rate of chronic absenteeism in districts throughout Ohio during the 2022-23 school year. The map is interactive and shows all traditional public school districts.

Attendance Data Support 

  • Schools and districts should strive to have actionable attendance data to help with analysis and planning interventions. One way many schools in Ohio are doing this is to have a district data dashboard that connects to the school or district’s Student Information System. Schools and districts can connect with the Regional Data Leads at their State Support Teams or Educational Service Centers who have a credential in the use of attendance data. This Regional Data Leads Directory can help identify those who have the credential. 

  • Schools and district teams can use this Attendance Data Reflection to determine which attendance data sources they may consider using. If a school or district needs assistance gathering these data points from their Student Information System, the EMIS coordinator or leadership can contact their Information Technology Center (ITC) for support. 

  • Qualitative attendance data is critical for schools and districts to ensure their strategies and interventions are meeting student needs. Educators in Ohio have practiced student shadowing to gain a clearer perspective of a student’s day at school. Attendance Works also provides a series of qualitative data examples and templates, including empathy interviews and student focus groups. 

Attendance in Ohio’s Community Schools 

  • All schools in Ohio are required to follow Ohio’s attendance laws, including community schools. Requirements include the monitoring and logging of daily student attendance, communicating with students and families about attendance concerns, and providing supports for students struggling with attendance.  

  • In addition to the above, online community schools (e-schools or computer-based schools) have different requirements as outlined in Ohio Revised Code.  

  • Additional questions about attendance concerns in community schools, including online community schools, should be directed to the Office of Community Schools.  

Other Attendance Resources 

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