ENGAGE Ohio Overview

Working in Partnership: a joint logo shared among the Ohio Department of Education, the OESC Association and the Graduation Alliance

Attendance Recovery Program

ENGAGE Ohio is offered to school districts to assist their students and families by providing intensive outreach, engagement and enhanced support. The program is being offered through a partnership between Education Service Centers (ESCs) in Ohio and Graduation Alliance.

Program Overview

ENGAGE Ohio assists school districts in connecting with and supporting students and families during these changing and challenging times. Students and families must overcome many challenges to succeed in today’s disrupted learning environments and require significant ongoing support, not just routine solutions.

The program starts with a multimodal outreach strategy designed to reach eligible students and families whom schools have referred via phone, mail, text or social media. Once Graduation Alliance connects with families, students are given the opportunity to work with a dedicated coach throughout the school year. The coach helps to identify and mitigate the obstacles they are facing, helps the student learn the skills necessary to succeed in the remote learning environment, monitors the student’s pace and progress and provides the support the student needs to stay engaged, helping them continue their educational journey and progress toward graduation.

Which Students Qualify?

There are many reasons why a student might be struggling right now. Even those who were successful in their classes before the public health crisis may be struggling now. This is not their fault, nor is it the fault of their teachers or their schools. The learning environment has shifted in profound ways and many students are struggling with this change. The program is open to students in grades k-12.

Ongoing Support Levels

Graduation Alliance’s Ongoing Support interventions are delivered through Academic Coaches and vary based on the Ongoing Support Level to which the student is assigned. The engagement with students might range from daily outreach to periodic check-ins with students and their families.
For more information about the ENGAGE Ohio attendance recovery program, please visit the ENGAGE Ohio website.

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