EMIS Data and Reporting

EMIS Data During the COVID-19 Ordered School-Building Closure


Updated FY20 EMIS Data Collection Calendar Posted

The FY20 EMIS Collection Calendar has been adjusted to reflect changes due to the ordered school-building closure and House Bill (HB) 197. Please keep in mind that dates are subject to change.

The following are reflected in the revised EMIS calendar.

  • HB 197 eliminates the requirement to calculate Value Added data on the FY20 Ohio District and School Report Cards. As such, the Department can provide districts with 3 additional weeks to report student data.
  • Spring End of Course and Spring State Assessments Grades 3-8 data will not be collected this school year. The related Collections have been cancelled.
  • The March (D) Follow-up Collection and the Child Outcome Summary Assessment (A) Collection have both been extended by several weeks.

Updates to EMIS Data Appeal Webpage

The data appeal webpage is updated with revised EMIS data appeal dates, where appropriate. The following will be reflected on the revised appeals calendar.

  • A new data appeal window will be added for Fall End of Course State Assessment data. The new appeal will be opening later in April.
  • The data appeal windows for many collections closing in August will be extended by several days.

Updated EMIS Data Reporting Instructions

The EMIS Manual page has a new special section with updated reporting instructions due to the ordered school-building closure and House Bill (HB) 197.  This includes information on reporting situations described in other FAQs, especially where the special guidance in those FAQs could be seen to conflict with the standard EMIS manual instructions.  

Last Modified: 4/22/2020 1:35:08 PM