Ten Tips for Parents

Ten Tips for Parents

During the Coronavirus Outbreak 


1. CHILDREN look to adults for guidance. Keeping stress in check can help manage kids’ worries and anxiety. 

2. ENCOURAGE children to ask questions and talk about their fears. This provides parents the chance to give age-appropriate information. 

3. TEACH children prevention strategies such as hand-washing and covering coughs. This reduces the risk of infection and gives children a sense of control, which can reduce anxiety. 

4. ROUTINE and structure are important. Involve children in creating a daily or weekly routine that includes hygiene, learning, reading, exercise, play, mindfulness and nutrition. 

5. STAY CONNECTED. Help kids address isolation and social distancing by writing cards and letters, making crafts and calling or videoconferencing with friends and loved ones. 

6. FAMILY TIME. Play board games, cards, checkers and trivia games. This can help kids feel secure while keeping them connected. Involve kids in sanitizing these items after use. 

7. USE THE WEB RESPONSIBLY. Monitor use of social media. There are many online resources for kids to learn. Look for websites that are appropriate for children. 

8. SELF CARE. Teach children about wellness. Build in time daily for rest and mindfulness activities. Model relaxation techniques like reading a book or a watching a movie. 

9. BE ACCESSIBLE. Children need reassurance as the crisis progresses. Be honest and manage expectations. Let them know their family and caregivers are there and will help keep the whole family well.  

10. DON’T PANIC. The community’s response to COVID-19 is evolving daily. Know where to get help and information to help maintain the mental wellness of children and the entire family. 

*Provided by the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. ​


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