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This list is not comprehensive, and the Ohio Department of Education does not endorse these products. We are making the list available to support engaging students in learning during the school-building closure period.

Instructional Resources Organized by Content  

Computer Science  

English Language Arts 

Financial Literacy

Fine Arts



Physical Education
Social Studies
STEM Technology
World Languages and Cultures

Career-Technical Education
Career Exploration and Planning English Learners

Social-Emotional Learning
Early Childhood Gifted Education

Computer Science  


OHIO'S COMPUTER SCIENCE RESOURCES - Learning computer science when schools are closed - (Grades 3-12) This site contains several resources to help students learn computer science programming at home.  

Data Ethics - (Grades 7-12) This online course is shared by Neal O’Farrell of (approximately 65 minutes) and is divided into eight, easy-to-take lessons. There are worksheets for each video that include open-ended questions students can use for research and discussion. 

Girls Who Code at Home is a weekly series of downloadable computer science activities to help girls keep learning while at home. New lessons and activities will be released every Monday.  

Google - CS First - (Grades 3-12) This page has several programming activities using Scratch. 

The STEMcoding Youtube Channel - (Grades 9-12) Recorded in Ohio, this channel features tutorials and hands-on coding activities illustrating how coding can be integrated into physical science, physics and math. The project also includes educational research and an assessment component. 

TCS Ignite My Future in School - (Grades K-12) This online platform is filled with real-world and relevant teacher lesson plans and other resources to integrate computational thinking across all core subjects. Created in partnership with Discovery Education, this robust set of resources is aligned to Common Core, Computer Science Teacher Association and Next Generation Science Standards for grades 6-8. Educators across every K-12 subject area can easily ladder up or down content with relevant tasks for students. Teacher lesson plans are searchable and can be filtered by subject area and/or computational thinking skill.  

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English Language Arts 



Amplify - (Grades K-5 and 6-8) This site is hub of resources for reading and writing.

Core Knowledge - (Grades PreK-8) This site offers a complete curriculum for English language arts. 

Curriculum Associates - (Grades K-8) This site offers English language arts activity packages (not the full curriculum.)

Great Minds: Wit and Wisdom - (Grades K-8) This site provides free lessons, videos and online K-2 readable books (phonics practice).

LearnZillion English Languages Arts Guidebooks - (Grades 3-12) Comprehensive and high-quality guidebooks for educators, parents and students.

Royal Shakespeare Company - (Grades 9-12) Students can choose from one of Shakespeare’s works to learn more about play production. The four sections of learning are: story, characters, language and staging.  

Scholastic Magazines - (Grades K-8) This is a collection of cross-curricular articles, stories and videos that incorporate discussion points, lesson plans and activities.  

Storynory - (Grades K-5) - This site contains more than 600 audio stories, myths and poems to listen to or download. 

Teaching Tolerance - (Grades 3-12) Educators can access ready-to-use lessons and teaching strategies about social justice through a global and historical lens. 

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Financial Literacy 


EconEd Link - (Grades K-12) This site focuses on financial literacy, economics and personal finance lessons. 

Econ Low Down - (Grades PreK-12) The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' provides this education portal for financial literacy and economics, featuring high-quality resources for preK-college students.  

EverFi - (Grades K-12) These interactive, online lessons and units can be assigned to students to complete if an educator registers his or her class. 

History in Your Pocket (H.I.P.) - (Grades K-5) The United States Mint provides activities and games that provide an overview about what money is, how it's used and how it's printed. 

Kiddynomics - (Grades K-5) This is the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' resource for introducing elementary students to financial literacy, basic personal finance and economics concepts. 

NextGen - (Grades 7-12) These lessons and units are part of a quality personal finance curriculum that can be assigned to students to complete online if an educator registers his or her class. 

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Fine Arts  

Ohio's Fine Arts Model Curriculum 

Ohio's Fine Arts Resources  

Google Arts and Cultures - (Grades 6-12) Google Arts and Cultures is a place to view online museum tours. 

British Museum - (Grades 6-12) This interactive site offers visual and audio tours of exhibits through time and cultures. 

Google Art Project - (Grades K-12) This interactive website provides students, educators and parents with access to more than 40,000 artworks from 250 museums around the world. 

The Kennedy Center - (Grades K-12) This interactive arts website has articles, how-to lessons and activities, resource collections and interactives. 

Making Music Fun - (Grades K-12) This interactive music website provides sheet music, worksheets, lesson plans, an online music library, music theory arcade games and songs. 

National Gallery of Art - (Grades K-12) This interactive website provides teaching resources, videos, lessons, activities and student interactives. 

State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education (SEADAE)- (K-12) A repository of instructional resources for all arts content areas. Links and resources are continuously updated and tie in to all national arts organizations.

Virtual Museum Tours - (Grades K-12) Travel and Leisure provides virtual tours to museums around the globe. Students can experience artifact exhibits, watch videos and engage in exploration at a museum in a new and exciting way. 

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Literacy resources are organized by grade band reading levels (PreK, Elementary, Middle, ETC.). 



Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning - This site provides a list of resources and practical strategies for educators and caregivers, including books that support social-emotional learning and guides designed around popular children's books. 

HOMER Reading and HOMER Stories - HOMER Reading's Personalized Learning Pathway allows educators and families to customize a learning plan that’s just right for every child based on his or her reading stage and interests. Learning games provide instruction in print knowledge, phonological awareness, letter sounds and more. Always free for educators; free trial for families, then $7.99 per month. 

Sit Together and Read (STAR) and STAR@Home - This resource provides educators and families with book suggestions and targeted questions to ask children when reading aloud. 

Storynory - This site provides free audio stories for all age levels, including fairytales, classic authors and myths. 

Vroom - This free and easy-to-use app provides opportunities that support the development of literacy through life skills that promote executive function, positive adult-child relationships and back and forth interactions supported by science.           


InfOhio Bookflix - This site provides paired fiction and popular nonfiction texts that engage readers and support literacy.  

Khan Academy Kids - This resource helps parents with instructions and tips for using Khan Academy Kids for remote learning, which includes personalized learning in various subjects and activities for skills practice.    

Nessy Virtual School - The structured language programs automatically guide the instruction of phonics, reading, spelling and writing to all children ages 5-12 years. For school buildings closed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), educators may monitor student progress remotely     

Phonemic Awareness at Home - This resource provides videos of educators providing daily phonemic awareness lessons using the Heggerty Phonemic Awareness curriculum. Each lesson is around 10 minutes. 

Scholastic Learn at Home - This free resource provides children with 20 days of exciting articles and stories, videos and fun learning challenges. Children can complete them anytime, in any order. They can work on their own or with their families.                 

Switch Zoo - This site provides activities for learning with a focus on animals. It includes plenty of opportunities for reading and writing.              

Waterford - This site provides nine virtual field trips for elementary school students to build background knowledge and apply their literacy skills.               

Middle School                  

Project Gutenberg- This site provides more than 61,000 books free to download for online learning. 

Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Tool - The Library of Congress digital primary source analysis tool is a resource for modeling a primary source analysis or for use when you want to complete a class or collaborative primary source analysis.  


Middle/High School        

Common Lit - This is a free collection of fiction and nonfiction that can be filtered by Lexile, grade, theme genre, literary device or Common Core standard. 

Khan Academy: Grammar - This site provides an online course on grammar, including parts of speech, syntax, style and punctuation.  

The New York Times Writing Prompts - This site provides authentic writing prompts to spark argumentative and opinion writing, as well as current events discussions.             

Newseum Media Literacy Resources - Free resources and lesson plans for developing students’ media literacy and evaluating news stories and information.       


High School 

Royal Shakespeare Company - This resource includes Shakespeare-focused cross-curricular activities with fine arts - drama.  



Newsela - Newsela provides authentic informational texts at various reading levels on relevant topics.   

The Writing Revolution - The Hochman Method is a set of specific writing strategies that educators use in every grade and in all subjects, including English language arts, social studies, science, world languages and math. The publishers of The Writing Revolution are offering free resources for educators and families to implement this evidence-based approach to teaching writing.                 

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Curriculum Associates - (Grades K-8) This site offers mathematics activity packages (not the full curriculum.)

Dan Meyer’s Three Act Tasks - (Grades 6-12) Dan Meyer’s Three Act Tasks are low floor, high ceiling tasks in three parts: an engaging and perplexing Act 1; an information and solution seeking Act 2; and solution discussion and solution revealing Act 3. The tasks allow students to ask mathematical questions, think critically, and develop estimation and number sense skills. These are usually presented in the forms of videos or photos and organized by standard.  

EngageNY – (Grades K-12) EngageNY provides a full mathematics curriculum that is in-depth and aligned to learning standards. It has printable student worksheets and teacher answer keys. 

Exploding Dots - (Grades 4-12) Exploding Dots by Global Math Project provides a way for elementary and middle school students to see arithmetic algorithms as a beautiful story. Students can use this resource to see the role they play in advanced high school mathematics. It uses video and interactive resources to help students reason about math.

Great Minds: Eureka Math - (Grades K-12) This site provides a complete curriculum, free lessons and videos

Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum - (Grades 6-11) Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum has mathematics resources for students, families and educators. 

The Math Learning Center - (Grades K-8) The Math Learning Center has free math apps for students. They are based on visual models featured in the mathematics program Bridges. It also has free lessons and publications. 

The United States Census Bureau - (Grades K-12) The United States Census Bureau has lesson plans organized by grade bands K-5, 6-8 and high school. It has printable student lessons and teacher answer keys.  

Zearn Mathematics - (Grades K-5) Zearn Mathematics offers a complete curriculum with digital lessons, onscreen teachers and supportive remediation. Their Distance Learning Resource Center has quick-start instructions and parent/caregiver packs in both English and Spanish. Walkthrough webinars are also available for administrators, teachers and parents.

Physical Education  

Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) - (K-6) Coordinated Approach to Child Health  is a learning resource for parents and educators. They focuses on community health programs and building lifelong health strategies that children can take with them throughout life.

Go Noodle - (Grades K-5) Students can find engaging content through this interactive video system for physical education and movement for brain breaks, indoor recess or at-home movement.  

Les Mills - (Grades 9-12) This site houses a collection of free and for-pay workouts.  

OPEN - Online Physical Education Network - (Grades K-12) This site includes physical education and social-emotional learning resources and activities for students in grades K-12 to do at home.  

Pro Football Hall of Fame (HOF) - (Grades K-12) The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Youth and Education Program is based on its mission, vision and values and includes online and offline printable resources. 

Shape America - (Grades K-12) This site includes a collection of high-quality, standards-based lessons, daily activities, charts and many other resources for educators and students that focus on physical education and health.

Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) - (K-6) Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) is a resource tool for at home health education. This link has a health and wellness link that will take you to resources and blogs. It has fitness resources if you want to add activity to your lesson.

Wright State University - (6-12) Wright State University has opened their online resources to help health educators during these unprecedented times. Search this link and find their Health and Opioid Prevention Education information as well as kinesiology and lesson plans.

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Amplify Science - (Grades K-8) Portions of Grades K-5 and 6-8 curriculum with videos are available through Amplify. Science materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Core Knowledge Science (CKSci) – (Grades 3-5) Core Knowledge has comprehensive materials available online for free download, including Teachers Guides with detailed lesson plans, student books, and activity pages related to each lesson.

The Cornell Lab - (Grades K-12) Citizen Science Projects created by Cornell University provide opportunities for students to gather data to help scientists understand bird populations across the globe.

Great Minds: PhD Science™ - (Grades 3-5) Great Minds: PhD Science™ provides free lessons (not the complete curriculum) and videos.

Knowledge of the Go– (Grades 3-5) Great Minds is sharing recorded daily lessons for grades 3-5 of their PhD Science program which is free during the pandemic.

NASA - (Grades K-12) This site focuses on STEM engagement lesson plans, interactive activities and resources. 

National Geographic - (Grades K-12) National Geographic has curated collections of activities for students of all ages using minimal supplies and includes engaging, fun and skill-building lessons in social studies, geography, science and more. 

National Science Teaching Association - (Grades K-12) The National Science Teaching Association database for science lessons, curriculum planning and professional learning.  

Smithsonian - (Grades K-12) The Smithsonian Institution provides access to resources for various subjects. This resource also has created a specific set of resources for distance learning.  

Teaching Virtually - (Grades K-12) Char Shryock has created a Padlet to support educators teaching in an online environment. 

Understanding Science - (Grades K-12) This site consists of lesson plans, teaching tips, pedagogical strategies and other resources to understand the nature of science and address common misconceptions in science. 

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Social Studies 

Social studies include four main strands: history, geography, civics and economics. These strands are found in the K-8 social studies standards. High school courses focus more intently on each of these strands. Instructional resources have been provided to support each strand.




Annenberg Learner - (Grades 3-12) Annenberg Learner provides resources for American history, world history, economics and geography. The majority of lessons are for middle and high school students, but there are elementary geography lessons.  

Big History - (Grades 6-12) These online social studies courses emphasize skills development and making connections across disciplines. 

C3 Teachers - (Grades K-12) C3 Teachers has government, economics, American history and world history lessons that are inquiry based and include lessons for students in grades K-12. 

EdSitement! - (Grades 9-12) The National Endowment for the Humanities has lessons and resources on various topics in American history. 


Ohio History Connection - (Grades K-12) Sign up with Ohio History Center to receive their Resource Roundup - a monthly collection of new classroom activities, lesson plans, new program offerings, and educational opportunities for you and your students.

World History for Us All - (Grades 9-12) World History for Us All provides lessons, resources and primary sources for world history.  



Arizona Geographic Alliance - (Grades K-12) This site has geography lessons for educators to share with students in kindergarten through high school. 

National Geographic Society's Education Portal - (Grades K-12) This resource includes lessons for educators to share with students about different geography concepts in kindergarten through high school. 

Ted Talks for Education: Geography - (Grades K-12) This site provides animated Ted Talks specifically for education that have lessons and material to accompany the video. 

Ted Talks about Geography - (Grades 9-12) This resource offers Ted Talks from people whose professions deal with topics surrounding geography. No lessons or educator resources included.  



Center for Representative Government - (Grades 9-12) These interactive learning modules help students learn more about representative government. 

iCivics – (Grades 6-12) This site has resources about various topics in government and what it means to be a citizen. Educators must register to access resources, but registration is free. There are online games for students to play and students can download the app in the Apple Store (currently only Apple) to access games.  

National Constitution Center - (Grades 3-12) This interactive Constitution site has lessons and games to help build student understanding of the Constitution and how it has changed and continues to impact society today.  



EconEdLink - (Grades K-12) This site focuses on financial literacy, economics and personal finance lessons on various topics. 

Econ Low Down - (Grades 3-12) This is the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' education portal for financial literacy and economics, including resources students in preK-college. 

Federal Reserve Bank at St. Louis - (Grades K-3) This link includes introductory lessons on money and economic topics designed specifically for young learners. 

History in Your Pocket (H.I.P.) - (Grades K-5) The United States Mint provides activities and games that serve as an overview of what money is, how it's used and how it's printed. 

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STEM resources were identified by their focus on the STEM discipline subjects, ability to support interdisciplinary learning, create connections to STEM careers and support STEM practices such as design-cycle thinking and problem-based learning. 


The Concord Consortium - (Grades K-12) This site provides virtually guided STEM lessons that can be run remotely and through browsers. Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP) is one of many resources included on this website. CODAP is a web-based data tool to help students summarize, visualize and interpret data for grades 6-12.  

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips - (Grades K-12) Discovery Education has virtual fields where students can explore corners of the world without an airplane. Virtual field trips include the Black and Decker MakerSpace, a trip to the tundra and a nuclear power plant to name a few. 

Discover Engineering - (Grades K-12) Discover Engineering has provided a database of activities ranging from games to lesson plans.  

LinkEngineering Educator Exchange - (Grades K-12) LinkEngineering is a teacher exchange site focused on providing educators with resources for implementing design-cycle thinking in their classrooms. 

Spark101 - (Grades K-12) Spark 101 provides STEM career exploration through engaging students in problem-solving activities by way of career-focused video challenges. Students will make connections to prior knowledge and compare and reflect to make the connections to STEM pathways. 

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The Concord Consortium - (Grades K-12) Provides virtually guided STEM lessons that can be run remotely and through browsers. CODAP is one of many resources included on this website. CODAP is a web-based data tool to help students summarize, visualize and interpret data for grades 6-12.  

Designing an Online Lesson Using the Five Es Instructional Model - (Grades 4-12) This site provides strategies for leveraging technology tools to design an online lesson that includes the components of the Five Es instructional model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. 

Desmos - (Grades 3-12) These digital activities leverage dynamic, web-based tools to help students understand math concepts. Educators can use the Activity Builder to create their own lessons as well.  

Esri GeoInquiries - (Grades 4-12) GeoInquiries are 15-minute inquiry activities that use interactive maps (geographic) to support instructional content from science, social studies, math and English language arts. Students use visual analysis to see patterns and think spatially about the concepts in the maps. 

PBS LearningMedia - (Grades K-12) Within the engineering and technology collection, this website provides digital resources that address topics that include the relationship between technology and society, technological literacy and engineering design. Topics are real-world based. 

State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) - Coalition for eLearning - (Grades K-12) SETDA has assembled vetted examples and resources to assist educators in using remote learning. This collection of resources is provided to support developing lesson plans. 

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World Languages and Cultures 



ACTFL TEMPLATE and RUBRIC for creating interpretive reading, listening and signing activities - (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) All Languages. Access the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Appendix D (template) and Appendix F (rubric). It gives the choice of nine different activities to accompany a video, listening or reading resource. It can be used with any resource. 

AudioLingua - (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) Educators can access brief MP3 recordings of native speakers for language learners. They can search by keyword/topic, language and proficiency level.  

Mary Glasgow Plus - (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) Mary Glasgow Magazines is a specialist language publisher for French, German, Spanish and English as a second language (ESL). Educators can gain access to online news articles from Scholastic Magazine. Twelve months of free articles and recordings are in the archives. 

FL Teach - Foreign Language Teaching Forum - (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) Chinese, ESL, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Educators can access language websites, news, tv, radio, lessons, etc. It is organized by topic and then by language. 

News in Slow - Language Learning through Current Events - (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced) French, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain and Latin America). Educators can access news videos, courses with language lessons and a video series. All videos are played at a slightly slower pace. Videos are labeled for different levels of learners. 

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Career-Technical Education  

CoderZ - This is a free, online virtual robotics and coding course for any student or teacher affected by COVID-19 in the U.S. 

College & Career Academy Support Network (CCASNA) - This database provides curriculum resources (many are project-based and interdisciplinary) for academic courses connected to career and industry themes. 

CTE Online - (Grades 7-12) This site provides lesson plans and projects and model course outlines educators can adapt to align to Ohio's Content Standards for all 16 career fields. In addition, the website has tools for users to create their own curriculum and collaborate in groups. 

Digital Workforce Development Project Resources - (Grades 7-12) This site contains information and resources from public and private organizations that may be useful when developing content for digital career-technical education learning. - This site provides free lessons and classroom agricultural science materials on the subjects of soil science, water quality, biotechnology, plant science and many others.  

Grow Next GEN - This site includes e-learning courses, career videos and tested lessons that are student-led. This site also has access to industry leaders from around the state who are willing to do webinars with students (farmers, economists, seed scientists, researchers, soil scientists, etc.) Check them out here:

Standards by Design - (Grades 7-12) The course search function in this resource is intended to help educators discover and use alignments for specific courses across academic and career tech standards.  

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Career Exploration and Planning 

Bureau of Labor Statistics - (Grades K-12) This site provides students with resources to learn about careers linked to their interests.  

Career Connections Teacher Resources - (Grades K-12) This site provides educators with lesson plans and videos for career awareness, exploration and planning. 

Create Career Opportunities for Career Exploration - (Grades K-12) INFOhio brings together a variety of high-quality career exploration resources in one place.  

Grades K-5 

Grades 6-8 

Grades 9-12 

EnvisionIT - (Grades 6-12) EnvisionIT (EIT) is a free, evidence-based, standards-aligned, digital curriculum for grades 6-12 that teaches English and languages arts, information technology literacy, college and career readiness and financial literacy and supports career planning through various learning management systems.  

OhioMeansJobs - (Grades K-12) Ohio's no-cost, career planning system offers comprehensive, career exploration tools, online training and resources specifically for students, educators and school counselors.  

Professional Learning with ESC of Central Ohio - (Grades K-12) The ESC of Central Ohio is offering several free professional learning courses and book studies for educators that also include options for college credit. Government Careers Videos - (Grades 9-12) This site provides a video database for students to explore various careers in government.  

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English Learners 

Bitsboard - (Grades K-5) This site provides educators with flashcards and games with visuals for various contents.  
EL Education - (Grades K-8) Resources to support remote learning for students during the COVID-19 pandemic. These materials can be used in conjunction with the EL Education curriculum. Additional resources from EL Education:

Khan Academy - (Grades K-12) This online database of lessons and practice exercises includes programs for English learners. 

Project Gutenberg - (Grades K-12) Project Gutenberg is a library of more than 60,000 free e-books with a wide selection of languages available.  

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Social-Emotional Learning 

Centervention - (Grades K-8) This website offers free worksheets, games and activities that help build students’ social-emotional skills. 

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Early Childhood 

Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards and Implementation Guides 

Educator Tools from INFOhio - (Grade PreK) INFOhio provides resources for educators to support remote learning for young children. 

INFOhio Early Learning Portal - (Grade PreK) The INFOhio Early Learning Portal is for parents, caregivers and educators of children ages three through five.  

NAEYC Message in a Backpack (Pre-K) - This site provides tips and ideas for families about supporting preschool age children’s learning at home (available in multiple languages).  

Office of Head Start - This site provides resources for Head Start and early learning programs, including information related to COVID-19. 

Scholastic Learn at Home - (Grades PreK-12) Scholastic is providing 20 days of learning projects for children to do independently or with family members. 

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Gifted Education  

DukeTIP: TIPs for Taking Your Course Online - (Grades 4-12) The Duke University Talent Identification Program offers suggestions for online learning, including free lessons and other resources for educators. 

Great Books Open Resources - (Grades K-12) Great Books Foundation offers free open resources, including digital texts and sample lesson plans with a focus on critical thinking, reading comprehension and writing. 

National Association for Gifted Children: Resources for Educators & Parents During COVID-19 - (Grades K-12) Information provided by the National Association for Gifted Children, including best practices in online learning and a list of free resources for educators, families and students. 

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics: Free Resources for Teaching Math Online - (Grades K-12) This site provides digital lessons and free resources from the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. 

Quality Matters Emergency Report Instruction - This document serves as a companion to the Quality Matters K-12 Emergency Report Instruction Checklist. It shows student accommodation examples, suggestions for how you can address it, and the connection they have to the Specific Review Standards from the QM K-12 Rubric™, Fifth Edition and the National Standards for Quality Online Teaching.

The Ohio Association for Gifted Children - (Grades K-12) A list of resources for gifted intervention specialists and families curated by the Ohio Association for Gifted Children. 
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K-12 General Resources  

​​Google Teach from Home is a temporary hub of information and tools for use during the COVID-19 crisis. Educators will find information on how to teach remotely with and without video calls, how to make lessons accessible to all, how keep students engaged and how to stay connected with other educators.

Grab and Go Instructional Materials – (Grades K-12) Grab and Go Instructional Materials (through School Source Hub) are readymade resources school leaders and teachers can use as a starting point or a model for their own materials. All resources can be used free of charge, are organized by materials and subject and customizable by districts or schools.

Ohio Ed Techs are providing additional services to support online teaching and learning. Professional learning videos, Pk-12 educational television schedule and links, as well as virtual office hours for educators are available to support remote learning.

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