Partnership and Professional Licensure Considerations in School-Based Physical and Mental Health

School-based health initiatives help to ensure students are in school, healthy and ready to learn through a school or district’s partnerships with health care providers and other community organizations. These partnerships build upon and complement the work of Ohio Department of Health licensed school health care providers who may already be employed by a school or district. In alignment with Each Child, Our Future, Ohio is helping to support schools and districts begin new, or augment existing, school-based physical and mental health partnerships to meet the needs of the whole child while supporting licensure decisions that ensure the safety of our students.

The documents below respectively emphasize the benefits of collaborative partnership between districts and health care providers and community organizations to help meet the physical and mental health care needs of the whole child and assist schools and districts with determining which licenses a health care professional must possess when providing health care services in a school environment.


Last Modified: 4/24/2020 8:19:18 AM