English Learner Programs

Across the state, English learner programs support current and former English learners to develop proficiency in language and literacy and to meet learning standards throughout the content areas. By providing staff with professional learning and support that considers the needs of multilingual learners and families, schools set the stage for success for English learners.  

Equity and Access to Learning 

To support students and families who are English learners, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 specifies schools’ obligations to ensure access and engagement in high-quality academic learning activities that include early learning, K-12 and  career-technical education programs. 

The Dear Colleague Letter: U.S. Departments of Justice and Education assists school districts, and all public schools in meeting their legal obligations to ensure that English learner students can participate meaningfully and equally in educational programs and services. 

Learning Supports

Educators can use the resources below to inform the development of effective language development instruction programs.  

Language Proficiency Standards 

Educators are encouraged to use the Ohio English Language Proficiency Standards and Ohio Learning Standards-Extended for English Language Proficiency for the continuum of students who are English learners, including those with significant cognitive disabilities, in English language arts, math, science and social studies. 

Assessment Accommodations for English Learners  

State test accommodations may be appropriate for English learners. The resources below provide information about the standards for the Ohio English language proficiency assessment and accommodation guidance and resources.                     

  • Revised Assessment Accommodations for English Learners include extended time and the use of a word-to-word translation dictionary. In addition, oral translation of Ohio’s State Tests is allowable.  

  • Ohio's Accessibility Manual describes the available accommodations in detail. These accommodations are not determined by the amount of time an individual is enrolled in U.S. schools or the number of years a student has been identified as an English learner.                                                         

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