Parent Notification Procedures for English Learner Identification and Services

Required Elements of the Parental Notification of English Learner Identification

The sample text below is provided as technical assistance for schools to communicate with parents the English learner (EL) STATUS and programs available for their child.
To use the sample text as part of the parent notification, first obtain a rough translation using the website app. Copy and paste the text onto a new document. Check and improve the accuracy and meaningfulness of the text with an individual who is bilingual in the language of the family.


  • The reasons for the child’s identification and placement in the English learner program.
You child has been identified as an English learner. Ohio defines a student who is an English learner as one who has a primary or home language other than English and needs special language assistance to effectively participate in school. As an English learner, your child is eligible for support through our English language development program. The program helps ensure your child can participate meaningfully in school classes and activities.
  • The child’s level of English proficiency, how the proficiency was assessed and the status of the child’s academic achievement.
We used the state’s Language Usage Survey (LUS) and Ohio’s English Language Proficiency Screener (OELPS) to measure your child’s English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Here are your child’s results:
  • The language development program(s) and method(s) of instruction available.

The district’s program is indicated below:
  • English-only Supplemental Instructional Program
  • Bilingual Supplemental Instructional Program
  • Dual Language Program
  • Content Classes with Integrated English as a Second Language Support
  • Newcomer Program
  • Sheltered Instruction Program
  • Structured or Two-Way Immersion Program
  • Consultation, Monitoring and Academic Assistance
  • Other:
  • How the school’s program will meet the educational strengths and needs of the child
The purpose of the program is to provide additional support for students not yet proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English. The program will help your child meet age-appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation. Your child’s achievement in reading and math will be reported to you regularly.
  • The requirements for exiting English learner status.
Students remain classified as English learners until they reach the Proficient overall level as measured by the OELPA given yearly in the spring. English learners demonstrate the overall Proficient level by earning a score of 4 or 5 in each of the four parts of the test (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
  • The expected rate of transition from the language instruction educational program.
Most students in the school language program become proficient in English and exit the program within INSERT PROGRAM RATE years. When exited from the program, your child’s performance will continue to be monitored for two years to determine if additional language support is needed.
  • The expected rate of graduation from high school (including four-year adjusted cohort graduation rates and extended-year adjusted cohort graduation rates for such program).
In the most recent school year, INSERT ADJUSTED 4-YEAR GRADUATION RATE percent of our high school English learner students graduated in four years and INSERT ADJUSTED 5-YEAR GRADUATION RATE percent of these students graduated within one additional year.
  • If applicable, how the program meets the child’s individualized education program (IEP)Information.
If your child has a disability, we will ensure that an individualized plan for providing special education or disability-related services addresses the language-related needs of your child. The team will design a plan that includes participants knowledgeable about your student’s language needs.
  • The right to decline or remove the child from the language instruction educational program at any time.
We strongly encourage your child’s participation in the English language development program and invite you to learn more about the benefits of the program. However, you have the right to remove your child from the language instruction program at any time.
  • The right to language assistance to understand notifications and select available programs.
Please contact or visit us to discuss your child’s progress in English language development and academic achievement.
  • I understand this information about English language programs for my child.   
  • I understand this information and would like to speak with district staff to discuss declining my child’s participation in the English language program.
  • I do not understand the language above and would like additional language support and explanation about this information.         

(Printed name of the Parent/Guardian)
Mechanical translations are not a replacement for the use of qualified interpreters. The text provided here offers technical assistance to districts as they develop translations and interpretation for linguistically diverse parents with limited English proficiency.


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