Ohio English Learner Advisory Committee


The Ohio Department of Education convenes a state English Learner Advisory Committee to gather meaningful input relevant to the educational needs of English learners. The committee provides best practices, resources and recommendations to improve educational programs for English learners. 

The members of the Committee include English language educators who represent the diversity of Ohio's preK-12 educational system, with representation from organizations that support English learners. Committee members work collaboratively with other educators, parents and community members from across the state. The thoughtful and ongoing dialogue between state and local educators is vitally important for English learners’ educational equity and overall school success. The advisory group meets at least twice a year to share information, advise and provide feedback regarding special topics related to educational services provided to Ohio's English Learners. 


The committee includes schools and organizations that reflect Ohio’s varied educational programs and geographic diversity. Members are selected with the goal of ensuring the group represents the range of language instruction educational programs offered to English learners and their families.

The English learner advisory committee promotes feedback and communication from a group that represents the geographical diversity of the state's English learner school programs. The 2023-25 advisory will be selected from among the following: 

​A. Administrators and coordinators of programs with more than 50 ELs
B. English learner programs in rural schools and/or with lower numbers of ELs
C. Preschools, online, community and/or non-public schools
D. Support staff, e.g., interpreters, family liaisons, paraprofessionals, school psychologists, guidance counselors, intervention and literacy specialists
E. Educational service centers (ESCs) and state support teams (SSTs)
F. State agencies and professional organizations

The Department selects members to serve two-year terms. If a member is unable to fulfill the term, an alternate representative of the school or organization should be designated to attend. 


The full committee meets twice yearly, in late spring (May-June) and in the fall (October-November). In addition to these meetings, the committee, or sub-groups, may meet on an as-needed basis. The time of the virtual meetings are determined by the Department. 

Get Involved

The Ohio Department of Education is accepting applications for the Ohio English Learner Advisory Committee through September 15, 2023. To apply for membership, please  complete the online application.

More Information

Please direct questions or comments about the Ohio English Learner Advisory Committee to lau@education.ohio.gov

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