Resource Links for Families

The Web sites below contain information you can use to help your child succeed. You will find general information on education as well as specialized Web sites for preschool children, students with disabilities and gifted students.

Center for Law and Education This site contains information on educational rights of students with disabilities, Title I, high school reform and education policy issues.

Educational Resources Information Center Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, this site is the "world's largest digital library of education literature."

National Association for the Education of Young Children On this site you can find information about kindergarten, child development, activities to do with your young child and recommended books.

National Association for Gifted Children This site contains information for families on parenting gifted children, summer camps, gifted programs and much more.

School Bus Information Clearinghouse The School Bus Information Council provides tips on getting your child safely to and from school.

TipzTime Providing information on a wide range of household topics, TipzTime also contains ideas for arts and crafts projects and recipes you can make with children.



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