Talking to Your Child's School Counselor About College and Career Planning

Your child's school counselor is an important contact for college and career planning. School counselors have information on topics such as colleges, universities, academic summer programs and financial aid. Below is a list of questions you can ask to find out more information about how your child's school helps them while they plan for life after high school.

General Questions

  1. Does the school or district offer programs to help with college and career planning?
  2. What sort of assistance or resources does the school offer for parents around college and career planning?
  3. Who assists students with college and career planning at the school?
  4. When will my child meet with a school counselor to talk about their college and career plans?
  5. Are there community resources available for college and career planning, such as workshops, business open houses or career mentoring programs?
  6. What sort of academic summer programs are available for my child?

Career Questions

  1. What kind of Career-Technical (CTE) programs are available for my child? Please visit the CTE landing page for additional information.
  2. Is my child accessing OhioMeansJobs K-12 at school? Visit and click the cardinal wearing a graduation cap for more information.
  3. What resources can my child use to find a job after graduation?
  4. Who can my child talk to about finding a job?
  5. Does the school offer programs for job shadowing, volunteering, mentoring or internships?

College Questions

  1. What kinds of Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available for my child?
  2. Is my child eligible for the College Credit Plus program? Please visit the College & Career Planning content page for more information.
  3. What kind of local scholarships are available in our area?
  4. Who can my child ask for feedback about their college application?
  5. Where can I get help filling out the FAFSA?
  6. Where can I get help understanding financial aid?

Last Modified: 6/30/2014 7:30:59 AM