Family Involvement in Your Child's Education: Grades 1-3

Your involvement in your child’s education during the elementary school years will help him or her be successful now and in the future. When parents are involved, children have more friendships, behave better in school and achieve at higher levels. You can be involved in many different ways, but finding the best way for you and your child is important. Here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Raising your child

  • Give your child time when he or she has your undivided attention;
  • Encourage and praise your child;
  • Encourage your child to have friendships with other children;
  • Set rules for your child;
  • Spend time with your child;
  • Make sure your child to gets enough sleep;
  • Provide your child healthy meals and snacks;
  • Talk to your child about how to be safe at home and in the community; and
  • Ensure that your child receives proper health care.

Communicating with your child’s school

  • Attend school functions such as open houses, parent teacher conferences and family fun nights;
  • Contact your child’s teacher when you have questions;
  • Visit your child’s classroom;
  • Attend parent-teacher organization and other committee meetings;
  • Volunteer at school;
  • Ask your child’s teachers for ideas about how you can help your child at home;
  • Let your child’s teacher know when the child is struggling with schoolwork, or if you think your child is not being challenged.

Encouraging Learning At Home

  • Read to your child or listen to your child read every day;
  • Give your child time to play and use his or her imagination;
  • Help your child pursue interests by reading, taking lessons, talking with others, or joining a group or after-school program;
  • Visit new places like parks, museums or other neighborhoods;
  • Encourage your child to do homework on his own, but give help when he is struggling;
  • Ask your child about her homework with questions such as “What homework do you have tonight? How did your homework go -- was it hard? Did you understand all of it?”;
  • Ask your child about school. For example, ask “What did you learn today? Who did you play with? What was the best part of your school day?”;
  • Expect your child to do well in school. Your attitudes affect your child’s motivation to learn.

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