Your Child’s Development: Ages 9 -11

In later elementary school years, children continue to grow in their physical skills, their ability to think abstractly and their sense of independence. Friendships continue to be important and will last longer than in early elementary school years.

From age 9 to 11, children enjoy taking on complex tasks, and want to help with adult responsibilities. They seek out teams, groups and clubs where they find other children with similar interests. Many children expand their reading interests to include more complex topics and stories. Some children will develop new skills and traits earlier than expected, while others appear later.

Each new step children take is a building block in their physical growth and in developing the abilities of thinking, speaking, behaving appropriately and getting along with others. Below we have listed a few examples of the abilities commonly seen in children this age.

If you are concerned about your child’s learning, talk with your child’s teacher, the school principal or the district special education coordinator.

What Children Do: Ages 9 -11

• Enjoy fictional stories;
• Play games with complex rules;
• Join clubs, or organize their own clubs;
• Play competitive sports;
• Dream about the future;
• Understand ideas without hands-on experience.

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