Six Types of Parent Involvement

Mavis G. Sanders, senior advisor of the National Network of Partnership Schools, which promotes Joyce Epstein's Six Types of Parent Involvement, gathered with representatives of several Ohio school districts in June 2010 to look at the efforts of Ohio schools to involve parents in their children's education.

The Following are audio presentations -- sometimes accompanied by matching PowerPoints -- by Sanders and Ohio school district representatives who are in various stages of implementing Epstein's parent-involvement model. You may need to adjust your computer's volume for best results.


Presenters: Ann Bohman, Educational Consultant, Federal Programs and Parent Involvement, Ohio Department of Education,; and Amy Miller, Principal, McVay Elementary school, Westerville City Schools,

Keynote Address

Presenter: Mavis G. Sanders, Senior Advisor, National Network of Partnership Schools,

Springfield City School District Parent Involvement Program

Presenters: Martin Kyle Johnson, Certified School Psychologist, Keifer Alternative School/Elmwood Center,; and Gary Cross, Principal/Building Coordinator, Keifer Alternative School/Elmwood Center

Columbus City Schools Parent/Family Engagement Program

Presenters: Sandra Harley, Family Advocate, Parent/Family Engagement Program,; and Jennifer Kee Tyson, Coordinator, Parent/Family Engagement Program,

Parma Preschool

Presenters: Catherine Thomas, Universal Prekindergarten Family Engagement Coordinator, Starting Point, Cuyahoga County,; and Jackie Saggio, Co-director, Parma Preschool,

Questions and Answers

Presenter: Mavis G. Sanders, Senior Advisor, National Network of Partnership Schools,


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