Community Eligibility Provision

Community Eligibility is a provision that helps schools and districts in high poverty communities meet eligibility to serve no-cost lunches and breakfasts to all their students. Interested schools and districts must apply for Community Eligibility through the Ohio Department of Education, Office of Nutrition. Call 1-800-808-6325 to ask questions. 

School food authorities interested in participating in the Community Eligibility Provision or CEP for one or more schools must complete the participation form and eligibility worksheet (below) and submit them to the Office of Nutrition by June 30, 2023. Email the completed forms to Sarina Wilks, Community Eligibility Provision Coordinator, at

LEAs that elect to participate in CEP for at least one site must notify households of children attending the CEP school(s) of CEP participation. LEAs may use this sample household letter to serve as the required notification.

This calculator tool allows schools that are considering the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) to calculate their estimated federal reimbursement they will receive as to assess the financial viability of their school meal program under CEP.

Optional form for use by schools to collect household income to determine eligibility for various additional state and federal program benefits that your child(ren)’s school may qualify for other than the school meal programs.

This document explains the process for schools to determine the data to use in applying for discounts on services received under the E-rate program.


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