Supports for Students Experiencing Homelessness

Every Student Succeeds Act

The Every Student Succeeds Act emphasizes the educational stability of vulnerable students, including students experiencing homelessness. Schools and districts must provide services comparable to services offered to students who are not experiencing homelessness in accordance with this act and other provisions of the law. These offered services include:

  • Transportation services,
  •  Educational services for which the child of youth meets the eligibility criteria, such as services provided under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 6301 et seq) or similar state or local programs;
    • Educational programs for children with disabilities, and
    • Educational programs for English learners,
  • Programs in career and technical education,
  • Programs for gifted and talented students, and
  • School nutrition programs.

Whole Child and Academic Supports

Homelessness not only impacts a student’s education but also their well-being outside of the classroom. Supporting the whole student, both academically and non-academically, will provide stability and opportunities to succeed. The following resources can assist schools and districts in providing comparable services:​

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