Motivation and Engagement PBIS

What is Motivation and Engagement PBIS?

Motivation and Engagement PBIS is an expanded PBIS framework that integrates PBIS systems and practices with developmentally appropriate strategies to support student motivation and engagement. Motivation and Engagement PBIS involves many elements, and all of the elements are tied to the instructional practices and positive expectations that characterize PBIS. Some of the main elements of include:

  • Adoption of motivation or engagement focused expectations for the school.
  • Brief but regular (at least weekly) activities that challenge students to make mindful choices in support of responsible self-improvement.
  • Teaching students the tools and processes they need to take more ownership of their own motivation.
  • Promotion of strategies for adults to maintain their personal motivation and thereby be better instructors of such for others.
  • Adoption of a multi-tiered system to support students with these efforts, where ever they may be beginning.
  • Promotion of a motivated and positive school culture.

Why is Motivation and Engagement PBIS Important?

Promoting student motivation and engagement facilitates all basic forms of student learning, whether academic, behavioral, or social. Improving the efficiency of how students learn is highly valuable to both the educators and those who are learning. Although educators regularly use strategies in an effort to engage students, these strategies may not always instill a sense of personal responsibility for self-improvement. Current efforts to motivate and engage students rely heavily upon stimulating lesson plans and external rewards. These efforts are very important but not sufficient to foster a lifelong value of achievement and resilience.

Students come to Ohio schools from a wide range of settings and backgrounds. While respectful of all personal and cultural backgrounds, ME-PBIS strategies help students focus upon choices that promote academic success and social competence.

Additional Motivation and Engagement Resources

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