Step 3: Plan for Implementation

Once a district or school has identified Priority Needs in the One Needs Assessment and researched evidence-based strategies, it can begin to Plan for Implementation. The school or district must develop SMART goals, strategies and action steps within Ohio’s One Plan system. Developing a robust improvement plan will allow the district to leverage fiscal and programmatic resources to meet the needs of the whole child.

Completing the One Plan

The One Plan is a systemic consolidated district planning tool for all district operations, strategically aligned to funding and resources and focused on improving outcomes for all students. Currently, the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan tool is being used to pilot the One Plan to prepare for the development of the ED STEPS system.

The One Plan builds on the Priority Needs and Strategy Areas that were identified in the One Needs Assessment. The school or district sends the Priority Needs and Strategy Areas to the One Plan and builds SMART goals, strategies and action steps. Walkthrough videos for completing the One Plan are available on the One Plan webpage.

As the district or school is completing the One Plan, the collaborative team should consider the following questions:

  • Do proposed goals, strategies and action steps address the Priority Needs and root causes identified in the One Needs Assessment?
  • Will proposed student and adult implementation measures have a measurable impact on the school, community, students and staff? Are they suitable for students' holistic development?
  • Do the goals, strategies and action steps address the identified Priority Needs, and are they culturally responsive and equitable?
  • What are the barriers to implementing the goals, strategies and action steps to reach the desired student and adult implementation measures? Does the plan consider how to address those barriers?
  • Does the One Plan reflect a whole child approach to education and include strategies and action steps aligned to whole child tenets and indicators?

Review the Plan

The collaborative team should gather stakeholder input on the plan. Stakeholders should include the individuals identified as thought partners during the Organize for Success phase and the diverse group representing the student populations who will be needed to implement the plan. Key questions to ask stakeholders include:  

  • What are the greatest strengths of the plan?
  • What areas of the plan need improvement?
  • What is missing?
  • What barriers might the school encounter?
  • Does the plan provide equitable supports for all students in the building?
  • Is the plan culturally responsive for students and families?

Give stakeholders adequate time to review the plan and ask questions and consider gathering feedback both virtually and through in-person feedback sessions. The collaborative team should review the feedback and make any necessary changes to the plan. The stakeholder feedback also should inform the subsequent implementation of the plan.

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