Step 5: Examine, Reflect, and Adjust

During the planning process, the collaborative team will create SMART goals. The team will use collected evidence to determine if the school met, exceeded or did not meet its goals.

Thorough implementation occurs when schools implement the set of actions and strategies as designed, with accuracy and consistency. When examining, evaluating and reflecting, ask the following questions:

Examine Implementation

  • Are strategies being implemented as intended?
  • Are critical actions or tasks missing?
  • Are all buildings consistently implementing action steps?
  • Are there sufficient resources to support implementation, such as human, financial, material and technical?


Evaluate and Reflect on Implementation

  • Why was implementation fully, partially or not successful?
  • Has the strategy had enough time or support for implementation to have an impact?
  • Are the actions occurring as planned? For example, are timelines being met and resources available and in use?
  • Is the timeline for adult implementation and student performance indicators realistic and attainable?
  • Was the strategy the correct strategy to reach the goal?
  • Moving forward, what can the organization do to ensure effective implementation?


Adjust for Future Plan Improvements

Based on the team's examination, evaluation and reflection of goals and implementation, it recommends continuing, modifying or eliminating practices. This recommendation could include changes to tools, professional learning, resource allocation and human capital alignment.

If the analysis shows that implementation was not systematic across the school, the team must identify gaps and include in the plan action steps to ensure effective implementation.

If the practices are meeting or exceeding expectations, the organization should continue them and expand the plan to include additional classrooms.

The collaborative team may decide to modify or eliminate strategies when it confirms the strategies were fully implemented as intended yet expected improvements did not occur. The collaborative team should consider eliminating a strategy when the resources or efforts needed for full implementation exceed the benefit received.

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