Supporting Student Wellness


Future Forward Ohio, highlights student wellness as one of Ohio's strategic priorities for education. Addressing student wellness means meeting the needs of the Whole Child – the physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects of each child’s well-being. Student wellness supports can include working with community partners to increase access to mental health services, physical health care services, mentorship programs and much more. Explore Ideas for Innovation to learn how schools and districts across Ohio are supporting student wellness.

Student Wellness funding

Many schools have three separate funding streams available to provide student wellness activities. Those three funding sources include: Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid, Base Cost Student Wellness and Success Component and remaining funds from Student Wellness and Success distributed during fiscal year 2020 and fiscal year 2021.


The Data Collection Tool for reporting Fiscal Year 2023 Disadvantaged Pupil Impact Aid, Base Cost Student Wellness and Success Component and remaining funds from fiscal year 2020 and fiscal year 2021 Student Wellness and Success will be open from June 1 - Aug. 1.

The Department offers a Data Collection Tool Worksheet to aid schools and districts in the reporting process. The worksheet outlines the questions that will be presented in the data collection tool and provides a walkthrough of the information required. Schools and districts are encouraged to share the worksheet with those most equipped to answer a particular question or section whether that be a superintendent, treasurer, health specialist or other staff member. Completing the worksheet prior to reporting will aid districts in collecting necessary information and streamline the reporting process. 


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