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Highly Qualified Teacher Longitudinal Data

ODE's Office of Educator Equity captures longitudinal data on Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) and monitors the program's progress throughout the state. Below are two reports. Please read the descriptions for each and click on the selected titles to read/download the reports.

  • Comprehensive HQT Longitudinal Data by State (school years 2004 – 2011) - This spreadsheet provides the statewide percentage of highly qualified and not highly qualified core academic courses in high- and low-poverty schools, the percentage of properly certified teachers, the percentage of teachers on a temporary or conditional license, and the percentage of teachers with a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree.

The Office of Educator Equity was established to implement strategies outlined in Ohio’s Teacher Equity Plan, establish a teacher equity infrastructure, build partnerships and convey the critical importance of this work. Click on the title below to access a report detailing Ohio’s progress.

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