Local Equity Plan

Local Equity Access Planning (LEAP) seeks to ensure that poor and minority students have equitable access to excellent educators, those teachers and leaders who are effective, experienced, and properly licensed or certified. Districts and schools complete a local equitable access plan using district and building specific data to identify areas of opportunity and growth.

Districts and schools will continue to submit their local equitable access plan through the Data Submission Forms application. This application can be found in the  OH|ID Web Portal. Districts and schools will complete their plans in the Local Equitable Access Plan Program by April 16, 2021.

FY21 Local Equitable Access Planning Resources

Resource Guide for Local Equitable Access Plan assists district and school personnel in understanding and addressing FY21 local equitable access planning requirements.

Locating the Equitable Access Analysis Tool provides a description of the Equitable Access Analysis Tool for districts and schools to use in local planning and instructions on how to access the tool. 

Conducting a Root-Cause Analysis with Stakeholders provides guidance on understanding and conducting a root-cause analysis, section 2 in local equitable access planning.

Determine and Outlining Strategies to Alleviate Gaps provides guidance on strategy development to alleviate gaps, section 3 in local equitable access planning. 

Submission Guidance provides the step-by-step procedures to assist district and school personnel in submitting the required sections of the Local Equitable Access Plan Survey in the Data Submission Forms application. 


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