METworks℠ in Ohio provides an opportunity for district-level policymakers to more systemically improve teacher and school leader quality. It enables policymakers to:

  • Critically examine their human resource management policies.
  • Consider pertinent components where current practice might not be best practice.
  • Develop plans to address these gaps effectively.
  • Think systematically about teacher and school leader recruitment and retention, ensuring that all the key functions of educator policy are connected and addressed.

This website presents key abstracts of the METworks in Ohio Framework related to the seven components shown below:

image illustrates METworks in Ohio framework. There is a big circle and at the edges of the circle are smaller circles containing words. The words say 'Performance Management', 'Recruitment', 'Hiring', 'Induction', 'Professional Development', 'Compensation and Incentives' and 'Working Conditions'. All of those words are connected together with lines showing a web of relationships among the terms.

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