Properly Certified or Licensed Toolkit

Properly Certified or Licensed Requirements    

Properly certified or licensed requires teachers and instructional paraprofessionals of core content areas to hold the appropriate license for their teaching assignment based on grade level, core academic subject, and student population.  Districts should use the ESSA State Licensure Assurance report (EMIS) to verify properly certified or licensed requirements and/or identify conflicts relating to the requirements.  

Beginning October 3, 2023, a school district or community school may employ or assign an educator to teach up to two grade levels outside of the person's current licensure grade band.  The individual must still be certified to teach the subject area to which they are assigned. To qualify, an educator must hold a professional or resident educator teaching license issued under section 3319.22 of the Ohio Revised Code.  Pursuant to section 3319.074 of the Ohio Revised Code, those teaching outside of their grade band would not meet the definition of properly certified as shown on the State Report Card.

Properly Certified or Licensed Toolkit


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