Principal Evaluations

The temporary changes in House Bill 197, House Bill 164 and House Bill 404 of the 133rd General Assembly impact teacher, principal and school counselor evaluations. These changes, made in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, grant districts flexibility around educator evaluations for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years.
For more information, please see Education Evaluation Systems Guide for Restart.

Student growth measures will not be required components in 2020-2021 educator evaluations in accordance with House Bill 197 and House Bill 164 of the 133rd General Assembly. A school district board of education may not use Value-Added, high-quality student data or any other student academic growth data to measure student learning attributable to a teacher or principal while conducting evaluations. 

Ohio's system for evaluating principals (Ohio's Principal Evaluation System - OPES) provides educators with a richer and more detailed view of their performance, with a focus on specific strengths and opportunities for improvement.

State Board of Education Approved Principal Framework (11/17/15)

The Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES), adopted December 2008 by the State Board of Education, is designed to be used to assess the performance of Ohio principals.

The Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES) was collaboratively developed by Ohio superintendents, school administrators, higher education faculty, and representatives from Ohio’s administrator associations. It was designed to be research based, transparent, fair and adaptable to the specific contexts of Ohio’s districts (rural, urban, suburban, large, and small).

OPES is a standards-based integrated model that is designed to foster the professional growth of principals in knowledge, skills, and practice.  The model provides tools for assessing and monitoring leadership performance.  It is recommended that there be consistency in the use of the components employed across all principals in the district. 

The evaluation of principals and assistant principals should be conducted by superintendents or designees who have been trained and are credentialed to evaluate principals.  The evaluation should be tailored to the duties and responsibilities of principals and assistant principals based on the Principal Performance Rubric (see detailed information provided under RUBRIC). Evaluations are based on the collaborative relationship between the evaluator and the principal and provide a detailed view of performance, with a focus on specific strengths and areas for improvement.

Evaluation Components

Evaluations have two components, each weighted at 50 percent:

  1. Principal performance rating, determined from:
    • A professional growth plan
    • Two 30 minute observations
    • Walkthroughs

2. Student academic growth rating

The Final Summative Rating

Principal performance is determined by using a Principal Performance Rating Rubric consisting of four rating categories with indicators based on the standard elements from the Ohio Standards for Principals.  The evaluation process requires the evaluator to use and record evidence gathered in multiple ways (professional growth/ goal-setting, formative assessments, observations, conferences, professionalism) to determine a Final Summative Performance Rating.

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