Credentialed Evaluators

Initial Training of Candidates Seeking Credentialed Evaluator Status

Educators who need to gain credentials to perform teacher, school counselor and/or principal evaluations may choose from a schedule of state-sponsored training sessions offered around the state. To become a credentialed evaluator, candidates for OTES 2.0 and OPES 2.0 must complete appropriate training and an online assessment.
  • All districts will be implementing OTES 2.0, OPES 2.0 and OSCES in the Ohio Evaluation System (OhioES) in 2023-2024.
  • Teacher evaluators will need a valid OTES 2.0 credential and principal evaluators will need a valid OPES 2.0 credential to conduct evaluations in OhioES. School counselor evaluators will need a valid OSCES credential to conduct evaluations in OhioES.
  • Further information about credentialing and training is noted below:

OTES 2.0


  • All school counselor evaluators in Ohio are identified at the local level and will have to complete the one-day OSCES training conducted by state trainers. OSCES trainings are not found in STARS but instead ESCs advertise when they are offering this to their member districts. 
  • Register through the Training and Registration application (STARS) in the OH|ID platform or by contacting your local educational service center.
  • Evaluators of school counselors MUST enter the date of training and upload a copy of the certificate into OhioES. Following upload of the certificate, the superintendent or superintendent designee must approve them as an evaluator of school counselors.
  • There is currently no recredentialing needed for OSCES evaluators.

OPES 2.0

Re-credentialing for Existing Teacher and Principal Evaluators

Credentialed evaluators are able to renew their OTES 2.0 and OPES 2.0 designations by successfully completing an assessment developed by Insight Advance. Successful re-credentialing is required every two years to maintain credentialed evaluator status.

  • Those who are registered as teacher or principal evaluators in OhioES will not be able to enter data in the system past their credential expiration dates unless they have successfully completed the re-credentialing assessment.
  • OTES 2.0 and OPES 2.0 evaluators will receive reminder emails from Insight Advance* to recredential 60 days and 30 days prior to the expiration date of their credential. Evaluators can then log in to Insight Advance and select the recredentialing assessment.

*receiving email from insight advance

  • Set up Insight Advance account when the welcome email arrives. The link expires after 7 days.
  • Add to address book or trusted senders list. Search inbox for this email address if the email does not arrive.
  • If you don't receive an email in at least two weeks, please check the spam folder and mark as "not spam." 
  • Star or mark the email as important when received.
  • Consider reaching out to district IT email administrator to see if they can allow domain: and IP
  • For support contact or 866.925.7622 M-F 8am-8pm Eastern Standard time.

Credentials for OTES 2.0 and OPES 2.0 will be valid for two years from the date of successful passage of the assessments.

For more information

  • For general inquiries about becoming a credentialed evaluator or re-credentialing contact:
  • For technical questions such as problems with a password contact: or 866.925.7622 M-F 8am-8pm Eastern Standard time.

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