How to Design and Select Quality Assessments

Teachers as well as building and district leaders who are implementing the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System 2.0 will benefit from training and support related to selecting, developing and using assessments. The Ohio Department of Education is offering this support through activities aimed at helping participants enhance their “assessment literacy” skills.

Professional Development Materials

The Ohio Department of Education's Learning Management System includes an Assessment Literacy course that is available to all educators. This course introduces the foundations of assessment literacy and quality assessment design and focuses on the key skills and knowledge needed to critically design and review assessments, including: validity, reliability, bias and cognitive complexity. Center Support Specialists are available to provide free professional development to support districts with this work.

Assistance from a Center Support Specialist

Contact a Center Support Specialist indicated below for assistance. These specialists can offer professional development which includes a variety of tools to facilitate the effective, meaningful design and implementation of assessments in classrooms.  


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